Implementation of Sakkara center training plan for this year

Category : Ministry News
16 Sep 2020
In the light of the attention given by the ministry of local development to the training and capacity-building system for the personnel and leaders of local administrations at all levels of....

Sharawi meeting the Belarus ambassador in Cairo

Category : Ministry News
31 Aug 2020
General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development met Belarusian ambassador, Mr. Sergei Tertantiev at the ministry's headquarters in Cairo to explore prospects for cooperation between the....

Sharawi receiving minister of immigration

Category : Government News
29 Aug 2020
General Mahmoud Sharawi ,the minister of local development, received the ambassador Nabila Makram , minister of state for migration and Egyptian affairs abroad, to review the joint cooperation....

Sharawi meets the minister of transport

Category : Ministry News
19 Aug 2020
General Kamel el Wazeer , minister of transport, held an extensive meeting with general Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development at the headquarters of the ministry of transport to monitor the....

Sharawi votes in the senate elections

Category : Ministry News
13 Aug 2020
General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, voted in the senate elections at lycee Al Hurria national school in Heliopolis. General Mahmoud Sharawi was reassured of the electoral process....

A meeting with representatives of the world bank

Category : Ministry News
12 Aug 2020
General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, held a conference call with a number of world bank representatives to follow the latest developments of the local development programme in....

Offending landlords incur criminal liability

Category : Ministry News
11 Aug 2020
The ministry of local development has confirmed that what published in some media outlets is not true , about there is no criminal liability of the offending landlords and that they are held....

Discussion on air pollution and climate change management

Category : Government News
28 Jul 2020
Ministers of local development, international cooperation and the environment conclude the world bank mission meetings in preparation for negotiations on the air pollution management and climate....

Removal of 4972 cases of encroachment on state property

Category : Ministry News
23 Jul 2020
The minister of local development receives a following up report on the first week of the 16th wave to clear encroachments on state land and property. Sharawi: removal of 4972 encroachments on....

Sharawi: population growth devours the development efforts

Category : Ministry News
20 Jul 2020
The minister of local development, Major-general Mahmoud Sharawi emphasized the ministry's interest in supporting the implementation of the 2030 population and development strategy, in the....