National project to provide employment opportunities for youth to eliminate unemployment

2018 - 2022

Project Description

The project is divided to 

The first project: Providing loans for the implementation of micro, small and medium projects for young people to provide employment through the national project for local and community development.- Mashroak- is financed by Egyptian banks  National Bank - Bank Misr - Cairo Bank - Housing and Development Bank - Agricultural Development and Credit Bank

Second Project: Providing loans for the implementation of micro-projects to provide employment opportunities for youth and women workers through the local development fund of the Ministry

The feasibility of the project

Provide job opportunities for youth to contribute to the elimination of unemployment and improve the standard of living

Summary of achievements

The first project: Providing loans through your project financed by Egyptian banks

On 26 March 2015, the project was initiated in coordination with the Egyptian banks, National Bank, Banque du Caire, Banque du Caire, Housing and Development Bank, Agricultural Development and Credit Bank

The project continues until 30 June 2030

The obstacles to implementation were overcome through the use of a one-stop shop to receive and respond to requests, to shorten the documents and documents required for the loan applicants, to facilitate the financing procedures and to simplify the decision-making process in the bank to issue the decision to approve or reject the financing in a short period of time. Awareness and training for young people, and the borrower's access to the loan within a week maximum of the submission of the required required papers, and covered all the provinces with the number of 282 sites covering all the administrative centers in the provinces and standardize the lending methodology of the five banks Mettle and personal supervision by the governor to overcome obstacles

Through the project, 77,401 jobs were provided with funding of LE 4,058,265 billion

Second Project: Providing loans for the implementation of micro-projects to provide employment opportunities for youth and women workers through the local development fund of the Ministry

Beginning in 1979, the project was initiated to provide soft loans from the Ministry of Local Development and continuing until 30 June 2030

The Local Development Fund (LDF) is provided through the provinces with the names of those wishing to obtain loans and projects to be lent. The study is carried out through the local development fund's technicians and submitted to the Fund's Loan Committee for approval. A contract is signed between the Ministry of Local Development as the first lender and the local unit, The local unit is to be repaid and the local unit is the first lender and the second party borrower. The beneficiary pays the loan installments to the local unit,

During the period from 1 July 2017 to date, 12 thousand jobs were provided with funding of LE 65.3 million

To learn more about the program and apply for a loan. Please visit Mashrouk’s official website by clicking here.

Fighting Illiteracy

2016 - 2018

Egypt has very high rates of illiteracy and in 2016 Egypt was ranked 111 on the Human Development Index out of 193 countries.


Eradication of illiteracy through an inclusive developmental strategy whereby illiteracy levels reach normal zero-near levels.


  •  erasing the illiteracy over 12 million Egyptians in all governorates of Egypt in the next 3 year through introducing an inclusive cultural and developmental vision.
  • Utilising all of the state’s financial, institutional and technical resources to the best of their abilities by coordinating between different entities and uniting our efforts to achieve our target.
  • Designing different programs to overcome the issue, putting into consideration differences in gender, age, social backgrounds.

Implementation Methodology:

  • Trigger cabinet degree to have all university students studying an arts major to teach 8 people how to read and write as a prerequisite for their graduation. Training of the Trainer (ToT) to the implementer/ teachers of the program.
  • Develop the youth that will take part and organise the program.
  • Provide incentives to the youth working on the program from each university.

Hayat Project: Human Security through Inclusive Socio- Economic Development in Upper Egypt

The project is implemented in Minya governorate (four villages in Edwa district and one village in Maghagha district). The project will establish local forums in the target area aiming at ensuring inclusiveness and participation from all segments of the society and economy of those communities within its public local development investments and other actions. It seeks to add value to the existing legally established local development system in Egypt. The project will work with youth on two levels:

  •  increase youth employability and skills development through building on local available resources; interventions will focus on entrepreneurial skills, technical and soft skills.
  • support youth initiatives and encourage social entrepreneurship among youth in the target area. The project will support local NGOs implementing community development projects in the target area, aiming to develop their capacities to manage these projects efficiently and effectively.

Inclusive and sustainable Local Economic Development in Upper Egypt (Sohag) - Phase 2) HAYAT

The project is a geographical extension of the HAYAT programme to the Sohag Governorate. In line with the development plans of the Ministry of Local Development, the project will operate in two districts to strengthen the economic security of the target communities by creating more and better employment opportunities for the youth and women, improving employability of the local labour force, and enhancing productivity/profitability of the MSEs and farmers.

Public Administration Reform and Local Development

EU-Egypt cooperation: The Project, implemented by VNG International from The ‎Netherlands in partnership with ENA (Ecole Nationale ‎d’Administration) from France, and funded by the European ‎Union, is to support the Government of Egypt (GoE) in its efforts ‎to develop and apply good governance principles. This should be ‎reflected in improved services to the Egyptian citizens, as well as ‎deepened citizens’ engagement at the local levels. This will be ‎achieved by a focus on improving the performance of public ‎services, by strengthening the institutions and capacities of civil ‎servants and by providing operational supporting methods and ‎systems.

‎ Partners in implementation:

The Projects’ main partners are the Ministry of Planning ‎Monitoring and Administrative Reform and the Ministry of Local ‎Development. The Governorates of Ismailia, El Minya and ‎Monofeya are the implementation pilots to try out the Project´s ‎new methodologies and instruments before rolling these out over ‎Egypt. ‎