carrying out of industrial works on the most dangerous railways of bridges / tunnels to preserve the lives of citizens and solve traffic jams

From Year 2018 - From Year 2022

Project Description

The project is the implementation of 17 bridges for cars, 1 tunnel for cars and 17 pedestrian bridges, 1 pedestrian tunnel on the 15 most dangerous railway crossings at a total cost of LE 2,753 billion funded under the plan of the Ministry of Local Development

The feasibility of the project

Preserving the lives of citizens in the area of ​​crossing the most dangerous railway tracks to avoid special accidents during the crossing of pedestrians and cars in the range of these crossings

Solve the traffic jams in the railway gliders area and not wait for the closure of the crossings to allow passage of pedestrians and cars

Ease and speed of access of citizens to their workplaces and their homes

The ease and speed of transporting agricultural produce and goods from production sites to distribution sites

Reduce fuel consumption for vehicles

Summary of achievements

Through the Ministry of Local Development was funded the implementation of industrial work on the number of 15 crossings with the number of 10 provinces, which are the most dangerous crossings on the Egyptian railways in the provinces

Industrial works included the implementation of 17 motorbikes, 1 car tunnel, 17 pedestrian bridges, 1 pedestrian tunnel

The total cost of these works amounted to LE 2,753 billion, which was fully funded through the Ministry of Local Development and was made available to the Armed Forces Engineering Authority

All these works have been implemented and opened through the President of the Republic and operated in front of the movement of cars and pedestrians

The implementation of this work contributed to the prevention of car accidents and pedestrians on these slums and to resolve traffic congestion in these areas and to reduce the time of arrival of agricultural crops and goods

The operational position of the projects

All projects have been completed and delivered to the provinces to run