Minister Sharawi meets the world bank delegation

Category : Ministry News
19 Jan 2020
General Mahmoud sharawi, minister of local development, met with a high-level delegation from world bank officials in Washington, including Dr. Sameh wahbah, world bank operations director, sheriff....

Minister of local development supports the special needs

Category : Ministry News
29 Dec 2019
In the light of local development's interest in supporting people with special needs... Major general Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, stressed the ministry's determination to....

MLOD received a delegation from the Chinese Yotong Company

Category : Ministry News
29 Dec 2019
Minister Mahmoud Sharawi received a delegation from the Chinese Yotong Company, one of the greatest Chinese companies of manufacturing the mass transit coaches "natural gas and....

Sharawi: The President betting on youth potential

Category : Ministry News
15 Dec 2019
President ' Abd El Fatah EL Sisi' betting on investing the youth capabilities to carry the banner of the political and operational work. "Your selection is an evidence of the....

The minister met a Saudi business men delegation

Category : Ministry News
12 Dec 2019
Major general 'Mahmoud sharawi' the minister of local development met sheikh Bandar Al Amir the chief of the Egyptian-Saudi business council , the engineer Saad Al Ghethy "the vice....

Sharawy: Egypt puts its capabilities in serving the African

Category : Ministry News
10 Dec 2019
The minister of local development attended the closing ceremony of the training program which has been organized for 30 of the cadres of 19 African countries over the last two weeks in local....

An agreement with EU to fund the developmental local program

Category : Ministry News
9 Dec 2019
Major general Mahmoud Sharawy the minister of local development revealed that the ministry reached an agreement with the European union for providing 9 million euros to fund the special programs of....

Minister Sharawy held a meeting with the GIZ

Category : Ministry News
11 Apr 2019
Minister Mahmoud Sharawy, minister of local development held a meeting with Mrs. Gabriele Becker, manager of (improvement of public services in Egypt) project at the GIZ and her team in the presence....

Minister Sharawy signs a MOU with UNFPA

Category : Ministry News
31 Mar 2019
In accordance with the ministry of local development’s support to put the national population strategy into action in order tocontrol the high population growth, minister Sharawy has signed a....

Minister Sharawy meets with UNDP regional director

Category : Ministry News
19 Feb 2019
Minister of local development, General Mahmoud Sharawy meets with Dr. Randa Abu El-Hassan, UNDP regional director and Dr. Heba Abou El-Wafa, project manager of local development in Upper Egypt....