MLOD received a delegation from the Chinese Yotong Company

29 Dec 2019

Minister Mahmoud Sharawi received a delegation from the Chinese Yotong Company, one of the greatest Chinese companies of manufacturing the mass transit coaches "natural gas and electricity". It manufactures around 25% of the whole Chinese production and around 15% of the universal production. The meeting was also attended by a delegation from "Gioshi Motors" the agent of the Chinese company in Cairo and a number of the ministry assistants.
During the meeting they have discussed the cooperation between the Chinese company and the public transport authority in Cairo to supply modern natural gas and electric coaches according to the latest world standards and at competitive prices.
Minister Sharawi confirmed the big interest of Egypt to keep abreast of global technology development towards manufacturing electric and natural gas vehicles because of their economic and environmental benefits.
The minister referred the assignments of president Abd El Fatah EL Sisi to rapidly settle the electric and natural gas vehicles industry as they are the future of manufacturing the vehicles in the world . in the light of the great efforts that have been done by the state recently to expand its construction of the fourth generation cities on the top of them the new administrative capital city which requires environmentally friendly vehicles in these new cities.
Minister Sharawi stressed to company officials that president Abd El Fatah EL Sisi instructions to keep the proportion of local components in the field of manufacturing natural gas and electric coaches must be between 60% to 70% and the necessity of working and cooperating between all the global companies and the Egyptian ministries and companies and the importance of technology transfer and localization and the deepening of local industrialization.
The minister of local development referred the directions of the prime minister to the ministers concerned with rapid change of fuel uses by means of transport from bus diesel to natural gas engines to save country's hard currency as well as to save the environment. Paying attention to the great efforts and cooperation of the Ministry of War Production in that regard which achieve the maximum benefit and provide a good service to the Egyptian citizen.


Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed Saleh