Sharawi: Development is one of the pillars of society

21 Jan 2020

The minister of local development, major-general Mahmoud Sharawi, emphasized the ministry's efforts to deepen partnership and cooperation with international and regional agencies and bodies in infrastructure and development projects in order to build a just society characterized by equal rights, equal economic, social and political opportunities and the highest degree of community integration.

He noted the importance of strengthening the role, independence and integration of persons with special needs as social actors, developing social welfare institutions and building the capacity of their staff and managers, and developing infrastructure for comprehensive quality and sustainable development in accordance with the state vision 2030 and the sustainable development goals.

Minister Sharawi’s speech was delivered on his behalf by ambassador Mohammed Hijazi, minister of international cooperation's advisor, during the first conference of the Orman society for sustainable development in the governorate of Luxor. This was organized by the association and the confederation of industries in the presence of the ministers of state for migration, Egyptian affairs and the environment. And universality.

The minister of local development said that civil society and the private sector played a key role in the implementation of the sustainable development goals by distributing the dividends, disseminating their targets and reaching all sectors of society, pointing to their ability to understand the pulse of the public, interact with their needs, and implement them in cooperation with various government sectors, businesses and civic institutions.


Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed Saleh