Sharawi meets Minister of agriculture and Damietta Governor

25 Jan 2020

In the light of the President's directives on the need to take care of the health of citizens, provide safe red meat and increase the efficiency of slaughterhouses in all governorates ... General Mahmoud sharawi, minister of local development, held a meeting at the ministry's headquarters in the presence of Al Sayed Al Qusier,minister of agriculture and land reform. Dr,. Manal Awad, governor of Damietta; engineer Mahmoud Nassar, head of the central reconstruction authority; engineer Mustafa al-Sayaad, deputy minister of agriculture for livestock, poultry and fish; and the leadership of the ministries of local development and agriculture.

The meeting discussed the latest developments in a number of important files on cooperation between the two ministries and the central reconstruction agency, including a project to upgrade and improve the efficiency of slaughterhouses  in the governorates  and the construction of auto slaughterhouses and quarantine in Dumyat governorate.

At the meeting, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Damietta governorate and the central reconstruction agency on a project for the construction of a slaughterhouse , a quarantine  and a livestock waste recycling operation in Dumyat governorate, with funding of 160 million pounds from the ministry of local development.

General Mahmoud Sharawi confirmed that the ministry is implementing an integrated plan to upgrade and improve the efficiency of all slaughterhouses at the republic level, including the construction of 147 slaughterhouses at a cost of 1.6 billion pounds funded by the ministry in three stages in cooperation with the ministry of agriculture and the central construction agency.

Mr. Al-quasair, minister of agriculture and land reform, stressed the ministry's interest in developing large slaughterhouses  and updating them on state-of-the-art technology systems, on the instructions of the political leadership, so that at least one large slaughterhouse in each governorate would be upgraded  to eliminate  slaughter outside the governorate. so small slaughterhouses  should be carried out  near residential blocs, particularly in the centres and villages. The major slaughterhouses  should be carried out in parallel with those in the initial phase, stressing the need to adhere to the time plan by which they are to be carried out.

The President of the central reconstruction service confirmed that a standing committee of the service had been formed to follow up on the initial phase. He noted that the engineering code for the construction of slaughterhouses had been adhered to, technical, environmental and health requirements had been met and the maintenance of the slaughterhouse would be assigned to a specialized company.

The ministers agreed that further economic studies were needed to optimize the economic utilization of all slaughterhouses, pay special attention to high-density slaughterhouses at livestock heads, and commit to developing small slaughterhouses with the required quality and specifications.

During the meeting, Dr Manal Awad, governor of Damietta, stressed the importance of the construction of a new Dumiat slaughterhouse to service investment. It is located on the coastal road about 12 km from Dumyat  port and 50 km from port said. It confirmed that it takes 9 months to implement the slaughterhouse, especially since it is outside the residential area and preserves the cultural facade of the governorate.


Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed Saleh