Sharawi: The President betting on youth potential

15 Dec 2019

President ' Abd El Fatah EL Sisi' betting on investing the youth capabilities to carry the banner of the political and operational work.
"Your selection is an evidence of the state's direction to empower and qualify young people for leadership"
"Coordinate with the stakeholders to develop a comprehensive conceptualization of specific roles for you"
General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, emphasized that the vision of political leadership in engaging young people as vice governors, is a strong indication of the state's direction to empower the youth and applying the strategy which has been followed since 2014.Sharawi pointed out that this issue is a result of the great efforts that had been implemented during the previous years through various platform of rehabilitating youth for leadership.
Above all, the presidential program as an evidence to the openness of the state to young politicians who engage in partisan work at the national level.
The minister of local development stressed that since the president ' Abd El Fatah EL Sisi', began his tenure, his excellency had placed his bet on young people investing on their capabilities to be qualified to carry the banner of the political and operating work confirming that the president has also taken the initiation to open channels with young people and build sustainable platforms to converse with them through youth conferences that have been ongoing since 2016. And that will be performed through the context of an ambitious, well-articulated strategy to empower and reap the benefits of implementing this strategy through these young faces which are full of enthusiasm and armed with education.
It was mentioned today in the minister's speech opening the intensive training program for new vice-governors in fulfilment of the mandate of President' of the Republic which is organized in the national training academy, which is attended by a number of ministers.
Sharawi said that the previous experience of conservative deputies in the governorates achieved a great success and results that some of them led the work in the governorates distinguished themselves in some files and implementing the assignments.
The minister asked the new deputies to be in the street daily among the citizens to be aware with the citizen's demands and problems and work to solve them.
Sharawi congratulated the new deputies on the confidence of the political leadership and the assignment of president ' Abd El Fatah EL Sisi' to serve as deputies and putting them on the top of the executive authority to participate in leading the national and developmental work and help the governors to perform their tasks and give vitality and pumping new blood in the local administration.
The minister revealed that based on the constitutional role of the ministry and its legal specialists the minister had embarked on this national strategy of investigation .the ministry made sure that this strategy was reflected in its selection of local business officials and appointment of local leaders at the level of village chiefs, district heads, secretarial of all governorates and assistant secretaries. 


Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed Saleh