80 Old inmates in home care ask to cast votes in elections

Category : Government News
27 Mar 2018
Room of Operations at the Ministry of Local Development has received complaints from 80 inmates in a home care in Alexandria. The senior men ask to cast votes in the presidential elections which....

Egyptians vote on second day of presidential elections

Category : Government News
27 Mar 2018
Egyptian citizens headed to polling stations across the country on Tuesday for the second day of voting in Egypt's 2018 presidential elections. Voting is due to run from 9am to 9pm in 13,706....

North Sinai records high turnout on first day of elections

Category : Ministry News
26 Mar 2018
Polling stations in North Sinai’s Beir el-Abd and Arish cities recorded the largest turnout in the presidential election thus far on Monday, according to the cabinet’s operation....

One trillion pounds spent on infrastructure since 2014

Category : Government News
24 Mar 2018
Nearly one trillion pounds have been spent on infrastructure and services in Egypt’s governorates from mid-2014 till now, of which LE200 billion were spent on projects in the field of oil....

Minister of Local Development apologizes to Upper Egypt

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18 Jan 2018
The Minister of Local Development, Major General Abu Bakr el-Gendi, apologized to the people of Upper Egypt for misunderstanding the Minister's intention to talk about the development of Upper....

Major General Abu Bakr El-gendi

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17 Jan 2018
Major General Abu Bakr el-gendi, Minister of Local Development, said that he will seek to benefit from all information and data prepared by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics....

Cooperation Protocol

Category : Meetings of the Minister
9 Jan 2018
The Minister of Local Development, Dr. Hisham El-Sherif, signed a protocol of cooperation between the Ministry of local development and the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade in the presence of....

Financing development projects in Bir al-Abd villages

Category : Meetings of the Minister
8 Jan 2018
Minister of Local Development Dr. Hisham El-Sherif signed on Monday a protocol of cooperation between the ministry and the Misr Al- KheirFoundation and the National Bank of Egypt in the presence of....

The signing of the Protocol

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28 Dec 2017
Dr. Hisham El-Sherif, Minister of Local Development, signed a cooperation protocol at the Ministry's headquarters with the Egyptian Charity Foundation, represented by Dr. Ali Gomaa, Chairman of....

The local development center in Sakkara

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25 Dec 2017
During his participation in the training course for engineers of engineering departments: Minister of Local Development: I will personally stand with the honorable people to improve the services....