Major General Abu Bakr El-gendi

17 Jan 2018

Major General Abu Bakr el-gendi, Minister of Local Development, said that he will seek to benefit from all information and data prepared by the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) on all governorates and villages in Egypt to benefit from the development processes of some 4750 villages in the governorates.
The Minister of Local Development said that he would build on the previous ministers of local development and take advantage of all the strengths and achievements in all files.
"I will start from their endings," the minister of local development said on his first day at the ministry during a meeting with journalists. "There are provinces with poverty rates above 60 percent," he said, adding that for the first time quarterly reports would be prepared to produce accurate indicators.
The minister said that he cooperated during his presidency with all the conservatives and he has ongoing relations with them and some of his colleagues before and have good relations, pointing out that he will communicate with them either in meetings or visits or meetings of a number of them to discuss projects on the land of each province, Upper Egypt governorates at the top of his interests in implementation of the directives of the political leadership and the government, and pointed out that he will work with all efforts to implement and create good development during the coming period.

The minister added that he will also seek to encourage investments in the coming period, pointing out the importance of the role of the private sector in the governorates to help establish new projects in all sectors of service to provide job opportunities for youth, set up and complete sewage projects and improve the lives of citizens in Upper Egypt governorates in cooperation with all concerned ministers and governors.

The Minister of Local Development pointed out that the results of the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) data were always issued one year later, but for the first time they will be issued "quarter of a year" to change some indicators after economic reform decisions, noting that the state encourages investment to create opportunities Work and push the development locomotive, as is the case in industrial areas in all Egyptian governorates.
Minister Abu Bakr al-Jundi said that he did not insult the people of Upper Egypt, and that what he wrote on his tongue was distorted. He stressed that he appreciates the policy of apologizing because he is a traitor to the brave and self-confident. All I have said is that Upper Egypt needs real development so that its people do not have to migrate to Cairo. We know every village in the highlands and lack of services and we will work to develop them and create jobs for the people of Upper Egypt. "
Major General Abu Bakr el-gendi said that economic reform was an important step that must be taken at this time and explained that one year is not enough to monitor indicators of the steps taken in economic reform.
He stressed that the first champion in the success of economic reform is the Egyptian people
He pointed out that the confidence of the citizens in the Egyptian president and the Egyptian leadership and its patience in its steps will help the success of the economic reform process.
The minister demanded that the Egyptian people preserve their constitutional rights and all that has been achieved after two great revolutions on 25 January and 30 June and must participate strongly in the voting process in the upcoming presidential elections and choose what they want freely.
The minister said: I will work with the governors and all concerned parties to urge citizens to participate in the next constitutional entitlement.
Regarding the law of municipalities, the minister said that there is cooperation with the Council of Representatives and all ministers concerned to hold local elections during the coming period in cooperation with the Council of Ministers.
On the decision to arrest the governor of Menoufia, the minister said that no one is above accountability or calculation and it is proven to commit any error will be punished and held accountable.
The minister pointed out that the state and the political leadership have decided to face corruption with full force.
The minister stressed the importance of the role of the media to read the message to all citizens, stressing that there will be continuous cooperation with all media in the coming period.
In response to the statements made by the minister about the family's need for 482 pounds to be able to live, the minister confirmed the inaccuracy of the publication. He stressed that the Statistics Authority conducted research work in 2015 on 26 thousand families and found that the value of the poverty line per person is about 482 pounds and not for the family Pointing out that he will seek to improve the lives of all citizens in the provinces for the better.
The Minister of Local Development, said that a comprehensive assessment will be made of each leadership within the ministry, adding that immediately upon assuming the post of head of the Central Agency for Mobilization and Statistics, he kept the leaders, having shown competence in their work is unprecedented, and who governs the survival of the leadership is its work only without any Personal considerations.
The minister said that he passed one day on his post, so it is difficult for him in any way to judge any person working in the ministry without knowledge or follow-up the way it works.