Minister of Local Development apologizes to Upper Egypt

18 Jan 2018

The Minister of Local Development, Major General Abu Bakr el-Gendi, apologized to the people of Upper Egypt for misunderstanding the Minister's intention to talk about the development of Upper Egypt and the Egyptian state's directions to develop Upper Egypt's governorates and provide them with a decent life.
The minister explained during an intervention with the program on channel Sada Al-Balad just a moment of his intention is to pay attention to the governorates of Upper Egypt, which was deprived of development in previous eras and that the direction of the political leadership strongly supports the development of the Egyptian level.
The minister explained that through his work with the General Statistics Authority, he has sufficient information to know the size of the needs of Upper Egypt.
The minister repeated his apologies to Ahlina in Upper Egypt for misunderstanding his remarks, pointing out that the purpose of his talk about the squatters and those coming from Upper Egypt are growing up in Cairo.
Major General Abu Bakr el-gendi explained that the intention is to pay attention to the Upper Egypt governorates to make the citizens of Upper Egypt not resort to coming to Cairo because they will find all the factors and ways of decent life from decent housing and decent work.
The minister concluded by saying that he is apologizing for 10 years for our families in Upper Egypt.