North Sinai records high turnout on first day of elections

26 Mar 2018

Polling stations in North Sinai’s Beir el-Abd and Arish cities recorded the largest turnout in the presidential election thus far on Monday, according to the cabinet’s operation room. 

The two North Sinai cities have witnessed long lines of eligible-voting population compared to the number of registered voters across different cities. 

At noon, the number of voters in Beir el-Abd and Arish cities reached 4,000, according to Minister of Local Development Abu Bakr el-Guindy. 

On Sunday, North Sinai governorate allocated a polling station for voters of Sheikh Zayed and Rafah residing in Arish city. According to a statement by the governorate, the polling station is at Abbas Saleh School in El-Salam district in East Arish. 

The number of eligible voters in North Sinai is 250,605, casting their votes in 61 sub-polling stations. 

About 60 million Egyptians are to begin casting their ballots on Monday, and will continue for three consecutive days, to elect the country’s next president. It is a race that pits the incumbent president Abdel Fatah al-Sisi against head of al-Ghad Party, Moussa Moustafa Moussa. 

According to the National Election Authority (NEA), the presidential election will be supervised by 18,620 judges (primary and substitute), including 8,420 regular judges, 4,800 administrative prosecutors, 3,300 judges from State Lawsuits Authority and 2,100 judges from State Council.