PM follows the executive position of Haya Kareema

Category : Ministry News
23 Jun 2020
We are working to implement the state strategy for raising the economic and social standards of the most needy families in poor villages in order to improve the quality of life of their citizens....

Sharawi receives minister of antiquities

Category : Ministry News
30 Mar 2020
General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, held a meeting with Dr. Khalid al-Anani, minister of tourism and antiques at the ministry's headquarters in the presence of Ahmed Al-wasif,....

Sharawi receives the ambassador of Singapore in Cairo

Category : Ministry News
17 Feb 2020
Major general Mahmoud Sharawi the minister of local development, received Dominic Goh the ambassador of Singapore, in Cairo, in the presence of a number of the ministry and the Singaporean embassy....

“Mashrouak” contributes 55,000 projects in two years

Category : Ministry News
5 Feb 2020
Within two years, the national project for community, human and local development contributed to the implementation of 55,000 and 250 projects in all governorates, with loans of 8.20 billion pounds....

The minister of local development meets minister of supply

Category : Ministry News
29 Jan 2020
Dr. Ali al-Muselhi, minister of supply and internal trade, met the minister of local development, major-general Mahmoud Sharawi, in order to coordinate efforts among the governors and the....

Minister of local development meets minister of transport

Category : Ministry News
26 Jan 2020
In implementation of the instructions of the President of the republic and the instructions of the prime minister to develop an integrated vision for improving the efficiency and development of local....

Minister Sharawi meets the world bank delegation

Category : Ministry News
26 Jan 2020
The minister of local development, major-general Mahmoud Sharawi, held an extensive meeting with a high-level delegation of world bank operations managers for the Middle East and north Africa region....

Sharawi meets Minister of agriculture and Damietta Governor

Category : Ministry News
25 Jan 2020
In the light of the President's directives on the need to take care of the health of citizens, provide safe red meat and increase the efficiency of slaughterhouses in all governorates ... General....

Sharawi: Development is one of the pillars of society

Category : Ministry News
21 Jan 2020
The minister of local development, major-general Mahmoud Sharawi, emphasized the ministry's efforts to deepen partnership and cooperation with international and regional agencies and bodies in....

Program for leadership positions candidates

Category : Ministry News
19 Jan 2020
Follow-up to the implementation of the certification programme for candidates for leadership positions, January 18, 2020. The ministry of local development is pursuing the implementation of the....