“Mashrouak” contributes 55,000 projects in two years

5 Feb 2020

Within two years, the national project for community, human and local development contributed to the implementation of 55,000 and 250 projects in all governorates, with loans of  8.20 billion pounds and providing 423,000 jobs.  This came during the report reviewed by general Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, on the achievements of” Mashrouak” in 2018 and 2019.

General Mahmoud Sharawi directed to focus during the next phase on the quality of projects and services to create high-technology value projects and value-added products serving different segments of society, with technical, training and marketing support services as well as financial services and presenting  a set of projects aimed at genuine economic development for which there is a real need in society, as well as the marketing of the products of enterprises, in order to support the viability of enterprises and the achievement of stable development.

General Sharawi, minister of local development, confirmed that the training of Mashrouak staff will continue with the diversity of specialization and skill training according to the needs of each individual project, in coordination with the small  enterprise development agency and a few other agencies In addition to continuous follow-up and full support from the ministry to the management committees which had been established at all governorate levels and chaired by the secretariats of all governorates to solve administrative problems and follow up implementation, project achievements and future development plans, it is noted that an integrated concept will be developed for an administrative entity in each governorate to develop and upgrade  the micro, small and medium enterprise sector and entrepreneurship in the governorate.

The minister noted the important role played by the ministry in encouraging young people to set up small and medium investment projects to eliminate unemployment and create jobs  for young people in the governorates .He explained that since its launch in 2015, your project has provided 720,000 jobs through the implementation of 136 thousand and 650 projects with loans of  12.7 billion Egyptian pounds, pointing out that the project aims to create social development in all the Egyptians governorates, centers and villages in parallel with a view to boosting the economy.

The minister explained that Minya governorate  took the first place in the number of projects implemented since the beginning of the project ,till now  a total of 16,0000 projects have provided more than 89,000 jobs with loans of 1.5 billion pounds .The totaled number of the  projects in Al Beheira governorate are 14,605  projects which  created 64,000 jobs with loans of 988 million Egyptian pounds. While In Suhag governorate , 14,000 projects  provided 72,025 jobs with loans amounting to 1.4 billion pounds. The report also indicated that the number of projects in governorate amounted to 11,000 and 736 projects provided 57,000 with loans amounting to 1.2 million pounds. There were 10,000 projects in Al Sharqia governorate and 668 projects providing 74 thousand jobs with loans of 1.4 billion pounds.

The minister added that an agreement was reached with the small enterprises development agency to develop your project headquarters, link the headquarters with the integrated service units to provide the same services at the same level of quality, and implement an experimental model at one of your project headquarters in Qalyabia  governorate in preparation for their deployment to other locations.

It is noteworthy that an agreement has been reached with some civil institutions and universities to raise awareness among young people of the importance of small enterprises as a form of training young people to enter the enterprise market and to motivate them to become businessmen and entrepreneurs in the near future.