The minister of local development meets minister of supply

29 Jan 2020

Dr. Ali al-Muselhi, minister of supply and internal trade, met the minister of local development, major-general Mahmoud Sharawi, in order to coordinate efforts among the governors and the undersecretaries of the ministry of supply in the governorates, with a view to monitoring the progress of the supply system in all the governorates, particularly the bread system, and instructing  all the officials in charge  in the governorates and the supply directorates to take the necessary measures to strengthen inspection, monitoring and field trips in order to ensure increasing the bread quality and monitoring the operations of the various supply facilities is carried out.

The most important measures to ensure the regular functioning of bakeries and supply services were discussed, including an increase in the number of food inspectors and in the number of vehicles and drivers in order to ensure more widespread food campaigns.

Muselhi  stressed the importance of studying the most needy places where there are no bakeries to focus on and considering the requests made in these areas in coordination between the directorate of supply and the governorate concerned, stressing that there is harmony and coordination between undersecretaries and governors  to ensure proper performance. On the other hand, General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, stated that the governors were instructed to provide all support to the governorate supply directorates to perform their effective role in implementing the supply system and to ensure that bakers were committed to producing subsidized national  bread in the governorates of the republic.


Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed Saleh