A movement of 16 local leaders

9 Sep 2021

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi issued a decision to transfer the heads of the Sharabiya, Tara and Al-Maasara neighborhoods in Cairo and east of Shoubra Al-Khaimah in Qalubia due to the poor hygienic level .

Disbursing a financial reward to the neighborhoods of Bab El Shaarawy, West Cairo, and El Zaytoun for their efforts in improving the level of hygiene during the last period.

In the framework of the continuous monitoring by the Ministry of Local Development of the leaders performance of the local administration in the various governorates to control the local work system, improve the services provided to citizens and achieve their satisfaction with them.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi pointed out that the movement included transferring the heads of the Sharabiya, Tara, and Al-Maasara neighborhoods in Cairo and east of Shoubra Al-Khaimah in Qalubiya, due to the low level of hygiene and the high number of jobs in their neighborhoods in addition to issuing an alert to the rest of the neighborhood heads in the two governorates to follow up the hygiene file and raise the jobs throughout the day and not lax In implementing precautionary and preventive measures to reduce Corona virus.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi added that it was decided to pay a financial reward to the Bab al-Shaaraya, West Cairo and Zayton neighborhoods for their efforts to improve the level of hygiene during the past period.

The Minister of Local Development pointed out that the Ministry is continuing procedures to evaluate the performance of local leaders, heads of cities, centers, neighborhoods, and village local units in the various governorates, noting that the Ministry also seeks to push the distinguished leadership positions to encourage all local administration personnel to perform the work assigned to them properly and dedicate in Doing the utmost effort to serve citizens to obtain their satisfaction with the services provided by the localities and hold defaulters accountable by transferring them to administrative functions away from the field of serving citizens.