Sharawi praises the Akhbar Al-Youm's conference

10 May 2021

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi, Minister of Local Development, stressed the importance of the Real Estate Akhbar El youm conference, which is being held today under the title "We cooperate for the future" at the diamond hotel in Nasr City, with the participation of a large number of ministers, businessmen and major Egyptian and Arab real estate developers.

This was mentioned in press statements by the minister on the sidelines of his participation in the opening session of Akhbar El Youm Real Estate Conference.

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi referred to the importance of this conference, which aims to discuss attracting more Arab and foreign investments to the Egyptian urban development sector to support the local national economy, especially given that Egypt enjoys a state of stability and security certified by various countries of the world, thus providing the necessary environment for successful investment in all fields.

 Sharawi added that the Egyptian government has succeeded in achieving great breakthroughs during the past six years in the field of urban development and building a large number of fourth generation cities and new cities in all governorates, headed by the new administrative capital, in light of investment incentives and facilities provided by the state, which confirmed the ability of the Egyptian market To absorb new investments.

 The Minister of Local Development praised the National and pioneer role of Akhbar El Youm Foundation, during its history, in supporting the Egyptian state's efforts in various fields and sectors. Major General Mahmoud Sharawi also referred to the success of Akhbar El Youm’s economic conferences over the past years, which helped solve many problems and create solutions to a number of challenges facing investors, industrialists and businessmen.

 Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh