Sharawi receiving minister of immigration

29 Aug 2020

General Mahmoud Sharawi ,the minister of local development, received the  ambassador Nabila Makram , minister of state for migration and Egyptian affairs abroad, to review the joint cooperation  efforts in the (Nawart Baladak ) initiative to identify the data of Egyptians returning from abroad; preparing  to integrate  them into various development plans and projects in the governorates and providing them with jobs, as an implementation to President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's directives to the government to support the  workers returning from abroad affected badly  by the effects of the Corona virus crisis. In the attendance of Mrs. Niveen Gamea ,ministry of trade and industry ,a number of the governors and many leaders of the local development ministry at the headquarter of the ministry .
At the beginning of the meeting, general Mahmoud Sharawi stressed the importance of providing a full inventory of employment and investment opportunities in all fields and sectors in the various governorates of the republic, particularly in the governorates of the upper Egypt. Sharawi referred  the important role of the private sector, civil society organizations and non-governmental organizations in supporting the efforts of the state in this regard and in providing employment and training opportunities for returnees from abroad.
Major general Mahmoud Sharawi directed  the governors participating in the meeting to pay   attention to the need to an accurate inventory to the employment and investment opportunities in each governorate and to classify them according to agricultural, industrial and other fields, foremost among them the governorate of El Wadi  al Geded , particularly in connection with land rehabilitation projects. Minister Sharawi called for the ministry to be informed  with employment opportunities in the coming days and to focus on labor-intensive and infrastructure projects in the fields  of sanitation and drinking water.
Sharawi also proposed setting up a website to announce jobs and projects in the governorates and highlight the success stories of Egyptians who have returned during the recent period from abroad. The minister of local development also pointed out that support and soft loans should be provided to some  workers returning from abroad through the department of local development (Mashroaak  programme), the ministry of trade and industry and the medium, small and microenterprise development authority. Transformation training for returning workers will be provided through the ministries of local development, manpower, trade, industry, planning and the private sector.
For her part, the minister of immigration, ambassador Nabila Makram, reviewed the collaborative efforts with the ministries of planning and economic development in preparing a "Nawart Baladak " form for identifying data on returnees from abroad; The ministry of trade and industry and the small and microenterprise development agency are preparing the ground for their integration into development plans in Egypt and for the creation of real opportunities at home.
The minister of immigration reviewed the main indicators and information on persons returning from abroad and affected by the Corona  pandemic. and the leading occupations were those who registered on the( Nawart Baladak ) handicrafts forms, management and marketing, commercial and banking, engineering and construction, tourism, hotels, agriculture and fishing among the most prominent governorates of upper Egypt, Suhag, Assiut, Minya, Quena, Daqahliyah, Western Eastern Cairo, Giza and Wadi al-Gedeed and Kafr al-sheikh.
For her part, Ms. Neven Gameh, minister of commerce and industry and executive chairman of the smalll and microenterprise development authority, stressed the government's desire to provide suitable  employment opportunities for returning workers from abroad, as well as small and microenterprises for those wishing to establish new projects in the various governorates, pointing that the state will provide employment opportunities for basic infrastructure and labor-intensive public works projects, as well as soft loans for small and microenterprises, particularly in agriculture, livestock, industry and others. Noting that the system currently provides funding programmes up to a maximum of 10 million pounds per project on concessional terms and procedures.
Gameh  referred to the possibility of obtaining funding programmes from the bureau for the development of small, small and microenterprises through its branches throughout the governorates of the republic or through a number of Banks contracted by the bureau for the financing of small, medium and microenterprises.
Dr. Nada Masood, assistant minister of planning, said the ministry had worked on a map for employment specialization that included a classification of available jobs and jobs through current national projects and a focus on irregular employment. Through employment opportunities in projects designed to support the development and development of infrastructure, work with the private sector to train and qualify such employment and match it with jobs offered through the private sector employment platforms, and national business incubators through the pioneers' project in 2030.
At the conclusion of the meeting, agreement was reached on a number of recommendations and proposals, including the launching of a homepage for returnees from abroad, which includes the basic data of each person, primarily his work history and specialization; an inventory of employment opportunities in each governorate; and the provision of a hotline for each governorate to receive complaints, inquiries or proposals for returning workers.
It was also agreed that the ministry of migration would provide the ministry of local development with an inventory of the Numbers of workers returning to the governorates while the ministry of local development is responsible for compiling an inventory of employment and investment opportunities in the target governorates and communicating them to the ministries of immigration and industry and the proposals of the governors in this regard.
It was also agreed that a committee comprising representatives of the relevant ministries would be formed to follow up on the issue of returnees and provide them with employment opportunities, An expanded meeting of the concerned ministers and governors will be held at the cabinet during the next period to follow up on this important matter.

Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh