Sharawi receives Al Wadi Al Gedeed governor

29 Mar 2020

General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development received  general Mohammed Zamalot, governor of Al Wadi Al Gedeed,  at the ministry's headquarters.

The meeting monitored the implementation of projects in the most needy villages under the presidential initiative "Haya kareema " in the fields  of drainage, drinking water, lighting, electricity and infrastructure costing 54 million Egyptian pounds for contributing to a qualitative improvement  in the lives of the citizens of these villages.

The minister of local development also followed up with the governor efforts to convert the underground Wells using diesel into solar power to rationalize spending, control groundwater and implement the state's plan to exploit natural resources in the governorate.

The meeting also reviewed the  follow-up of governorate efforts to combat the spread of the Corona  virus as regards precautions taken at the state level to safeguard citizens' safety and achieve the highest level of safety for them. Foremost among them are the procedures for sterilizing and disinfecting state institutions , town and district council buildings and local units and also implementing  The decisions of the prime minister strictly and decisively with regard to market monitoring in order to prevent monopolistic practices or price rises in staple foods and to close down all cafes, cafeterias and restaurants which should be limited to a home delivery service as well as new curfew decisions and limiting the  public and private transport schedules.

The meeting also discussed the governorate  efforts to deal with the consequences of bad weather, winds and heavy rains, the interruption of some basic services and coordination among the state to deal with the consequences, particularly the effects on some homes.

General Sharawi emphasized  that the state was committed to helping citizens affected by the bad weather and rainfall that had occurred in some governorates, in coordination with the relevant ministries.

Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh