Sharawy: Egypt puts its capabilities in serving the African

10 Dec 2019

The minister of local development attended the closing ceremony of the training program which has been organized for 30 of the cadres of 19 African countries over the last two weeks in local development training center in Sakkara in cooperation with The Egyptian agency of partnership for development (epad) of the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs. During this speech the minister affirmed the importance of encouraging integration and cooperation with brother African countries and that Egypt puts its capabilities in serving of people of African countries.
Minister Sharawy said that organizing the above training course to the African people comes in the light of the carrying out the recommendations of the African governments and cities conference that was hosted by the Ministry in June under 2019 the patronage of his excellency” Abd EL Fatah El Sisi “
The minister also promised that to put all the ministry’s capabilities and experiences at the service of the people of the African continent and contribute effectively to strengthen the potentials of our African brothers in the fields of local administration and integrated development and helping them to become leaders in their countries in the future.
The minister mentioned that the ministry was keen to provide trainees with all kinds facilities and various sources of knowledge during the training course .so that they could achieve the most benefit of the experiences that they shared during the course.
Minister Sharawy added that, the Egyptian experiment depends on the unprecedented efforts which have been carrying out. and the huge investments that are being made in all sectors of local development work by applying a successful program of economic reform by constructing thousands of kilometers of roads, upgrading the infrastructure facilities and building 14 new cities throughout Egypt.
The minister followed: The most noticeable features of Egypt’s local development experience is the structural and institutional reforms which being applied at the level of local planning system, citizens participation, applying the environmental and sociable criteria, transparency, the dissemination of information focusing on economical and local development and supporting the governorates and local units competitiveness.
The minister refers to a number of important projects and major programs, which are:
“Developmental local program in Upper Egypt”
“Training and building the abilities of the cadres of local administration’
“The project of accelerating the response of population issues”
“Municipal solid waste management program” as well as, economic development programs such as “Your project “program and “the local development fund “. 
The minister Sharawy said that the ministry is implementing strategy aiming to build the Egyptian human as directed by the president Abd El Fatah EL sisi and pays a special attention to rehabilitation and empowerment of youth through many training programs which focus on the young women and men of local administration inside and outside Egypt putting them in a responsibility of local level.
As it’s reflected clearly in the recent governor’s reshuffle which includes a large number of young men and women under the age of 35 as governors and their deputies.
It is worth noting the participants in the training course came from 19 African countries which are ‘Kenya, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, Conakry, Malawi, Madagascar, Gambia, sierra Leone, Cameroon, Angola, Seychelles, Niger, Burundi, Sudan, the South Sudan, Mauritania the Comoros and Togo “in the framework of cooperation with Egyptian agency of partnership for development (epad).
Finally Minister sharawy showed his grateful for all the participants in this intensive course and all the organizing team of the ministry, the Egyptian agency of partnership for development (epad), the consultants and the experts who cooperated to achieve this great results hoping all the success on their professional fields.


Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed Saleh