An agreement with EU to fund the developmental local program

9 Dec 2019

Major general Mahmoud Sharawy the minister of local development revealed that the ministry reached an agreement with the European union for providing 9 million euros to fund the special programs of developing the institutional framework for local governance and supporting the quality and efficiency of local units and their capabilities  in performing their tasks according to decentralization rules to respond effectively to the needs of population and sustainable development in different governorates in Egypt .
As it was revealed by the minister the four programs which will be funded by the European union are as follow:
First “The improvement of women’s leadership skills program “which aims to establishing a central unit to empower the women’s leadership in the ministry .in addition, the creation of regional units responsible for implementing of women’s empowerment initiatives and enhancing their developmental role in the Egyptian governorates.
Second “Reforming of information centers and supporting decision making system program in the governments “which aims to supporting the information centers as a major tool to enable the decentralization process for achieving the decentralized communication and interaction as well as supporting the governors and local leaders to be more knowledgably with the local developmental plans and implementing them efficiently and effectively.
Third, developing the institutional financial capacity of local development fund and promoting local economic development.
Fourth, the program was for restructuring the ministry training center which is located in Sakkara to create an academy of local development which aims to developing an advanced training institution for local government at the national level and creating a regional platform to enhance cooperation with the countries of region in the fields of sustainable development and local governance.
 Minister Sharawy assured the importance of supporting and developing the institutional framework, restructuring local units and achieving an integrated system compatible with requirements of decentralization and enhancing the efficiency of the local systems. 

Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed Saleh