Minister of local development held a meeting with World Bank

18 Feb 2019

Minister of local development, General Mahmoud Sharawy has held a meeting with a delegation from the World Bank that included: Lya Seghart, Head of environment department for the bank office at MENA region; Dr. Mohamed Nada, expert of urban development, and Dr. Dalia Latif, one of the bank specialists. The meeting has discussed potential cooperation areas between the ministry and the bank as part of the comprehensive program for solid waste.

Minister Sharawy emphasized that the ministry is cooperating with ministry of environment and other concerned ministries to put into action President El-Sisi’s direction to set a comprehensive system for solid waste to be implemented in all governorates. He also asserted on the ministry’s interest to cooperate with the bank in training and raising the capacities of workers in the governorates, who will be part of the solid waste system whether in the level of waste gathering, or the level of management of intermediary stations and healthy dumps. This is beside training the ones who will be monitor the whole process to guarantee its success and sustainability.

Minister Sharawy added that President El-Sisi is keen to set a sustainable system for solid waste and to get rid of the accumulated waste at some of the governorates along with developing the infrastructure and the capacities of recycling factories.

He also presented the latest outcomes of ‘local development program in Upper Egypt’ that takes place in Qena and Sohag with the cooperation of the world bank and appraised the great success that the project achieved under the continuous follow up of the president and the prime minister. The ministry of local development is implementing the program in cooperation with MOPMAR, MOIC, and Ministry of Finance.

Minister Sharawy further emphasized on the role of the private sector in ensuring the success and sustainability of the solid waste system and for such reason, the ministry will cooperate with the ministry of environment and the private sector to raise the cleanness level at the governorates and guarantee a sustainable and comprehensive waste system.

“President El-Sisi is highly concerned with health and education issues to improve the living condition of Egyptians and has launched a number of initiatives in this regard but most importantly is the campaign of “100 million health” concerned with confronting Virus C”, Minister Sharawy said.

World Bank delegation confirmed that the bank is highly concerned with supporting Egypt in the coming period and providing any support needed in the ongoing or future projects especially that of the solid waste management. Further, the bank is cooperating with the ministry of environment especially in the area of consultancy in order to improve the surrounding environment of the Egyptian citizens. They also showed their interest in cooperating with the ministry of local development in training and raising the capacities of workers who will be part of the solid waste project in the governorates along with providing any technical support needed.

The delegation appraised Egypt efforts and showed their confidence in its capability to deal with the problem of waste accumulation and insisted on the importance of cooperating with the private sector.