Minister of local development visits BSR Company

23 Jan 2019

Ministers of local development, military production, and environment along with the head of Arab Organization for Industrialization and Egypt’s ambassador to Germany, Badr Abd El-Atty have visited the premises of BSR  responsible for waste management and for cleanliness service in Berlin.

The ministers’ visit started with having a meeting with the managers of BSR that is regarded as one of the largest European companies in waste management and is responsible for cleanliness of Berlin roads. BSR has many departments including; safe treatment and environment friendly for organic and household waste.

After the meeting, ministers visited one of BSR premises responsible for producing fuel out of waste extracts.

During the meeting, BSR representatives have presented the company’s structure and the process of waste management including, waste gathering, recycling, fuel production. They also presented the role of personnel and equipment in the process and how they balance between social, economic and environmental goals along with the cost of the whole process.

Besides, they presented the German laws for cleanliness that include local rules and EU rules for waste management, role of localities and the relation between local authorities and the private sector based on specific financial forms applied in Germany.

By the end of the visit, the ministers and the accompanying delegation had a tour visit to BSR different departments such as; fuel production unit, reproducing material for construction, and recycling.