Three ministers in a visit to Germany

22 Jan 2019

Ministers of local development, military production, and environment along with the head of Arab Organization for Industrialization are visiting Berlin this week as part of President El-Sisi direction to implement a comprehensive system for waste recycling, following the German experience in this area. Hence, the ministers are focusing on their visit on exploring the latest technology used in the factories responsible for waste recycling and exchanging the experience.

Minister of military production, Dr. Mohamed El-Asar has earlier held a meeting with Major General, Mahmoud Sharawy, minister of local development and Dr. Yasmeen Foua’d, minister of environment and in the presence of General Abdel Moneim El-Teras, head of Arab Organization for Industrialization to coordinate the efforts required for the implementation of a comprehensive system for waste recycling and set a plan to raise the capabilities of current factories for waste recycling, introduce new lines and make use of the German technology and expertise in the field of waste management. This comes after having a view on the latest technology used in factories for waste recycling and on the different methods to make use of the extracts in manufacturing, agriculture, fuel production, and electricity generation during their visit to Germany.

Minister Mahmoud Sharawy appraised the level of German factories for waste recycling and emphasized on the importance of making use of this outstanding technology and exchanging the experience between the two countries. Minister Sharawy also added that the factories of military production and Arab Organization for Industrialization have good manufacturing capabilities and experienced human resources that we can built on to improve the waste recycling system, introduce new lines and manufacture new equipment in line with the German experience along with making use of the German experience in the city cleanliness system.

Minister Yasmeen Foua’d asserted on the capability of military production ministry and Arab Organization for Industrialization in transferring the German technology to their factories and in raising the workers’ capacities through training. She added that the ministry of environment set a plan for implementing waste recycling system in accordance with local development, military production, and Arab Organization for Industrialization.

Further, General Abdel Moneim El-Teras said that the Arab Organization for Industrialization has good technical capabilities and trained working forces which will ease the success of implementing a comprehensive waste recycling system and this is not to neglect the capabilities of the military production ministry.