Amna announces that the Saqqara Local Development Center received ISO 21001

11 Feb 2023


In implementation of the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, and Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister of the necessity of building the capacities of workers in the localities according to the latest training programs that are appropriate for the new republic, which all state agencies are working to implement in all development and service sectors....
Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, announced that the Saqqara Local Development Center obtained ISO 21001:2018 certification to become the local development center of Saqqara among the international training institutions.... This came during a meeting held by Major General Hisham Amna today with Dr. Safwat Al Nahhas Secretary General of the National Council for Training and Education (former Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and former President of the Central Organization for Management and Administration), in the presence of Dr. Essam Shaat, Assistant Minister of Local Administration and Training, Engineer Salah Shihata, Assistant Minister of Local Development for Information and Technological Infrastructure, and leaders of the Saqqara Local Development Center.

Dr. Safwat explained that various committees from the Council (who qualify for EGAC certification) reviewed the Center's global standards, including its focus on meeting the requirements of the students and exceeding their expectations, its leadership by involving all trainees in the implementation of the Center's mission, vision and objectives to provide added value. The curriculum of the educational process and its activities, its management as interrelated processes, and its relationships with all relevant bodies. The social responsibility of the centre to ensure long-term success, the capacity of the centre to deliver services and activities for the benefit of the surrounding community, the implementation of high data security and protection, and the adequacy and compatibility of the accommodation to standard specifications.

The Minister of Local Development pointed out that the Saqqara Centre has already implemented a set of standards set by ISO to meet the requirements of the modern era, which include developing technical and administrative training programmes, taking care of the learning environment, developing training mechanisms and making them compulsory for advancement in traditional jobs or those wishing to take leadership positions in the localities.