Amna announces handover of the safe sanitary landfill in Hurghada

30 Dec 2022

Within the framework of implementing the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Prime Minister's assignments to promote the integrated system for the management of municipal solid waste in various governorates of the Republic to make a continuous improvement in the level of that service that affects the lives of citizens in the Egyptian street on an ongoing basis, which contributes to the return of the aesthetic form of the main and secondary streets, cities, centers, neighborhoods and villages, in order to achieve in the end the satisfaction of citizens with that service provided by the state.
Local Development Minister Major General Hisham Amna announced the handover of the Red Sea Governorate on Monday the safe sanitary landfill in Hurghada at a total cost of 44 mn EGP, as part of the contract signed between the Ministries of Local Development, Environment and Planning and the Arab Organization for Industrialization to implement the first phase projects for the infrastructure of the waste system.
Major General Hisham Amna stressed that the committee formed by the Ministry of Local Development, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Defense represented by the Military Technical College and the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, the Arab Academy for Science and Maritime Transport and the Red Sea Governorate, which is specialized in managing, following up and receiving infrastructure projects within the first program of the system, has handed over the landfill to the Red Sea Governorate to ensure the implementation of the terms of all works contained in the contracts of the first, second and third stages of the infrastructure of the hygiene system in the governorates for the fiscal years.  (2019/2020).
Major General Hisham Amna revealed the volume of investments made to develop the integrated waste management system in the Red Sea Governorate, which amounts to about EGP 317 mn, as the delivery of the sanitary landfill in Marsa Alam has been completed at a cost of EGP 21 mn, and 5 sanitary landfills will be established within the infrastructure projects of the waste system in the governorate in the cities of (Quseir, Halayeb, Shalateen, Safaga and Ras Ghareb) at a cost of EGP 252 mn.
The Minister of Local Development stressed the continuous follow-up of the Prime Minister to the developments of the waste system and commitment to implement the projects of the new plan, pointing out that the ministry continuously follows up on all infrastructure projects for the waste system, to complete them on time, so that the citizen feels that there is an improvement in the level of cleanliness, stressing that the ministry is coordinating with the ministries concerned with the implementation of the new waste system, especially the environment, military production and planning, and the Arab Organization for Industrialization is racing against time to accelerate  Implementation of the new waste system, to restore the aesthetic and civilized form of the Egyptian street and make a significant change and improvement in the level of hygiene in all governorates to achieve citizen satisfaction.