Amna launches the training program for 58 candidates to assume leadership

26 Nov 2022

Major General Hisham Amna: Egypt has achieved another success at the climate summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, and President Sisi has restored leadership to the Egyptian state regionally and internationally


Minister of Local Development to the new leaders in the localities: We do not want a base in the office and go down to the street and listen to the complaints and demands of the citizens and work to solve them
Major General Hisham Amna: Excluding negligent and negligent in performing work and serving citizens is an honor for all of us
Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, witnessed today the start of the activities of the training program for 58 local administration leaders nominated to fill the positions of heads of centers and cities, general secretaries and assistant general secretaries in accordance with Announcement No. 1 of 2021 regarding filling the positions of local administration leaders in the governorates.
Major General Hisham Amna stressed that there is a new approach taken by the ministry since he took charge of the need to provide practical and theoretical training for all new local administration leaders before officially assuming responsibility on the ground, stressing that the evaluation will be conducted for all candidate leaders before issuing decisions to appoint and distribute them officially in the governorates.
The Minister of Local Development stressed the importance of field work and not being in the offices of the leaders of the local administration, following up on all files in the localities, following up on citizens' complaints on the ground, the speed of response to them, good treatment of citizens and attention to their requests in order to achieve citizen satisfaction with what the localities are doing, with continuous meetings with citizens to listen to their problems.
Major General Hisham Amna directed the leaders of the local administration to follow up the preparations for receiving the winter season, reviewing plans to confront it, dividing working groups according to the plans and scenarios of crisis management set for that, reviewing the readiness of the operations rooms, communicating with the ministry's operations room, crisis management in the ministry, and internal communication with service directorates, heads of cities and centers, and drinking water and sanitation companies.


The Minister of Local Development praised Egypt's resounding success in hosting the climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh and its exit in an honorable manner worthy of the new republic in light of the periodic follow-up of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to all the details so that Sharm El-Sheikh would be in its best image in front of world leaders and all participants from international dignitaries and all delegations participating in the events, Major General Hisham Amna also referred to the field follow-up of Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, Prime Minister of Sharm El-Sheikh to find out All the details on the ground, which contributed to the exit of this important international event in the best way with the testimony of the world, in addition to the elements and elements of success provided by all ministries and state agencies of capabilities and logistical requirements.
The Minister of Local Development said that the great success achieved by the Egyptian state from hosting the climate summit in Sharm El-Sheikh is a new success certificate on Egypt's ability to organize and host major international events and conferences, adding: We should all feel proud as Egyptians after the success achieved by the state and the honorable image that appeared during the climate conference, which was the talk of all delegations that participated in the events as well as global, regional and local media.