Amna witnesses signing of contract to provide follow-up waste collection and cleaning services

14 Nov 2022

Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, witnessed today at the headquarters of the Egyptian pavilion in the Egyptian pavilion in the Blue Zone of the Climate Conference the signing ceremony of a contract to provide monitoring, follow-up and control services for the provision of collection, transportation, hygiene, treatment and waste disposal facilities, within the framework of the new system for municipal solid waste between the Ministry of Local Development and the company "Inferon adapt".
The contract was signed by Eng. Mohamed El-Sayed Abou Jaour, Assistant Minister of Local Development for Planning, and Eng. Mustafa Khairat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Inferon Adapt".
The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Ayman Abbas, CEO of Intro Group, and a number of leaders of the Ministry of Local Development and the company.
Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, pointed to the state's keenness to develop an integrated smart system to monitor, control, follow up and evaluate the performance of companies operating in the new waste system in terms of providing collection, transportation and public hygiene services in order to achieve what the state seeks to restore the civilized and aesthetic form of the governorates and make a real change to the level of cleanliness in order to achieve the satisfaction of citizens.
The Minister of Local Development explained that the Ministry seeks to implement the directives of the political leadership in building a new system for integrated management of municipal solid waste and activating the third program of the system based on institutional development, governance and sustainability of the system at the level of contracts for collection and cleaning operations or contracts for recycling operations and management of safe sanitary burial cells, as well as the implementation of an effective and sustainable system for solid waste management in coordination with all partners.
Major General Hisham Amna stressed the ministry's keenness to contract with a private sector company to carry out follow-up and control operations to ensure transparency in the provision of services and the application of performance measurement indicators set by the state to monitor the quality of the private sector's performance in the tasks entrusted to it and to hold accountable for any failure in accordance with the contracted obligations.
The Minister stressed the importance of strengthening the role of the private sector in participating in addressing the problem of waste, in a relationship of mutual benefit that contributes to the sustainability of the waste management system and achieving economic profitability by maximizing investment in the field of waste management and reducing emissions from accumulations.
Major General Hisham Amna stressed that the new hygiene system receives the attention of the political leadership and the follow-up of the Prime Minister, and there is a continuous follow-up of the level of work of cleaning companies in neighborhoods and cities in various governorates, pointing out that the state has provided all the necessary support to ensure the success of the new waste system and that the criterion for the success of the new system of cleanliness is based on making an actual change that the citizen feels on the ground.
For his part, Eng. Mustafa Khairat pointed out that the company will make an operations room in the ministry to monitor the system and track the situation on the ground in the governorates, and explained that the company will make all necessary efforts for the success of the new waste system initiated by the Egyptian state and make a cultural shift during the coming period.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Inferon Adapt" also thanked the Ministry of Local Development for the support that was provided to the company during the last period to achieve the maximum required benefit from the contract.