The Prime Minister approves the design code for markets in governorates

11 Nov 2022

 Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, stated that in light of the mandates of His Excellency the President of the Republic to upgrade local services and improve the quality of life of citizens, and within the framework of the plan of the Local Development Program in Upper Egypt to enhance the capacity of governorates for urban development, improve the quality of the urban environment for citizens and support comprehensive development, in order to achieve the State Plan for Sustainable Development, where the program provides a set of mechanisms supporting the local economy, which is a key axis in the development process, creating sustainable job opportunities, supporting competitiveness, and developing the local economy,  Improving the quality of services provided, including design manuals for local management of markets/mini markets 

The Minister of Local Development pointed out that the Prime Minister has approved the circulation of design manuals for the local administration of markets/mini markets in the governorates and the mechanism of their application, which enables the local administration to carry out the planning and design of markets and mini markets at the level of cities and villages, and through which the governorate can assess the extent to which they meet the planning and design criteria to help decision makers determine the feasibility of developing markets in place or moving them to another place, or proposing the establishment of new markets and mini markets to meet the needs of the population and access to Effectiveness, efficiency and achieving the highest benefit to achieve development, pointing out that the guide relied on a set of tools and methods The general framework of the guide shows how to apply them, as well as the work plan for the design of markets and mini markets in terms of how to choose the site and design criteria.

Dr. Hisham Elhalbawi, Assistant Minister of Local Development for National Projects and Director of the Local Development Program in Upper Egypt, explained that the guide contains a comprehensive definition of Markets and mini Markets as well as clarifying the different classifications of the Markets/mini markets , clarifying the schema framework and main characteristics of their distribution through the type, level of service and population size appropriate to their scope of service, criteria for the selection of geographical location appropriate for the localization of the Markets/mini market, and design phase elements including detailed design and content design criteria for display units The market, urban design and site coordination elements are described with engineering dimensions and drawings, design of core market services components and proposed design standards and templates to begin the implementation phase, various environmental, planning and design dimensions in the markets to be considered for sustainable development, and a business plan consisting of a set of specific steps for creating new markets/mini markets , requirements satisfaction criteria for the new market/mini market by assessing compliance of the different design components and defining the status quo For a decision support market, the method of intervention is determined by either developing it, rebuilding it in the same place, or moving it to another place.