55 million pounds investments in Aswan to develop the waste management system

9 Sep 2022

Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, confirmed that the volume of investments made to develop the integrated waste management system in Aswan Governorate amounted to about 55.635 million pounds.

The Minister of Local Development announced that the governorate handed over, on Thursday, the equipment of the mobile intermediate station in the city of Aswan, which is a loader with a capacity of 1.3 m 3 and two presses of a capacity of 18 m 3, and the total cost of the equipment is 7.5 million pounds, within the framework of the contract signed between the ministries of Local Development, Environment and Planning and the Arab Organization for Industrialization to implement the projects of the first phase of infrastructure for the waste system.

Major General Hisham Amneh explained that the new mobile intermediate station will help the governorate transport the daily generation from the city of Aswan, which will contribute to improving the level of hygiene.

The Minister of Local Development added that the governorate received during the last period 2 dump trucks with a capacity of 40 tons and 2 loaders with a capacity of 1.3 m 3 at a cost of 5.9 million pounds, and the sanitary landfill was delivered in Edfu at a cost of 20.5 million pounds. Nasr Al Nuba - Ballana - Kom Ombo) at a cost of LE 135.3 million. In the coming period, 3 mobile intermediate stations will be supplied in the cities of Edfu - Kom Ombo - Nasr Nuba) in order to raise the efficiency of collection and transport operations in those cities. The cost of these stations is 15 million pounds.