International tribute to the Holy Family Path project

1 ديسمبر 2020

Major general Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, received a joint address from Mr. Jose Alfonso Schuarez Darriel, minister of Mexican culture, and Ms. Emilia Cez , Secretary-general, of the organization of cities and world governments

 Major general Mahmoud Sharawi said that the speech included appreciation for the participation of the ministry of local development on behalf of the Egyptian governorates involved in the project "reviving the path of the holy family" in the work of the fourth edition of the international cultural awards of the organization of cities and world governments in Mexico City, Mexico City, agenda 21.

The minister of local development added that the arbitration committee had decided to give a certificate of appreciation to the project "reviving the path of the holy family", which had been chosen and given a certificate of "good practice.

The minister of local development noted that the award had been launched by the world cities and governments organization four years earlier when the fourth edition in Mexico had received numerous contributions from cities and governments from all over the world concerned with the identity of cities, the future, culture and sustainability. He noted that during the meeting of the arbitration commission, the cities of Medellin, Colombia, and Sicho, Mali, were given first and second place, the arbitration commission was impressed by the high quality of that participation and expressed its appreciation for the effort.

The minister of local development revealed that the committee had stated that a fourth convocation project celebration would be held in May 2021 in Mexico City, where the ministry of local development had been invited to participate in the event as an excellent opportunity to celebrate the progress of municipalities and their role in local dialogue, culture and sustainable development and their willingness to welcome a delegation from the ministry of project supervisors.

General Mahmoud Sharawi explained that the ministry attached great importance at the current stage of cultural and tourist promotion to the holy family path project, in line with the directives of the political leadership and the mandates of the prime minister.

Sharawi stressed that the joint efforts of the ministries of local development and tourism, the Coptic church and the eight governorates and other stakeholders had contributed to the near completion of all the road points, both in terms of infrastructure work and the preparation of investment plans by the eight governorates to utilize the different route points in preparation for tourism promotion and the preparation of programmes by the ministry of tourism.

Translated by : Hanaa Saleh .