Over population devours development efforts

29 سبتمبر 2020

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi, Minister of Local Development, received a report on the efforts of the Ministry's Population Unit regarding the implementation of the project "Accelerating the Local Response to the Population Issue” which is supervised by the ministry and is implemented in 10 governorates, namely Qalyabia, Giza, Fayoum, Beni Sweif, Minya, Suhag, Assiut, Qena, Luxor and Aswan.

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi affirmed the ministry's keenness and interest in supporting the implementation of the Population and Development 2030 strategy, which was prepared by all governmental and non-governmental agencies to contribute to solving the multidimensional population issue. The minister explained that it is necessary to work to improve population characteristics, and to increase citizens' awareness of reproductive health and the optimal number of children, as the increase in population ,Whereas, the unjustified population increase devours the development efforts exerted by the state and deprives the citizen from feeling its fruits or leaving the circle of poverty and improving the standard.

Sharawi indicated that it is imperative to move forward towards continuing to support the improvement in population growth rates, characteristics and population distribution, achieving social justice and filling the development gaps despite the difficult conditions that the country is going through due to the emerging corona virus, Stressing his full support for achieving the goals of the program to accelerate the local response to the population issue, which is being implemented in all governorates of Upper Egypt and which aims to prepare local cadres capable of managing the population program at the local level in terms of participation in planning, coordination and follow-up in a participatory and complementary manner. In coordination with the offices of the National Population Council in the governorates, and supporting the role of youth to participate in decision-making to solve the issue and benefit from their ideas and initiatives in this regard.

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi stressed his full support for the continuation of the central population unit of the ministry for its efforts to build population cadres up to the village level capable of identifying population needs and set problems on work priorities and include them in the population governorate plan and submit periodic reports to the governors on the follow-up of the problem.

In the same context, the Ministry, under the patronage of Major General Mahmoud Sharawi, Minister of Local Development, organized the initial workshop to build the capacities of population units in the five public offices. They are Aswan, Luxor, Quena Suhag and Assiut, during the period 14-17 September 2020,which is as part of the program to accelerate the local response to the population issue, funded by the United Nations Population Fund in cooperation with the Ministry.

The workshop was inaugurated by Major General Hamzah Darwish, Head of the Minister’s Office and the General Office, who delivered a speech on his behalf on behalf of the Minister. The opening session was also attended by Ambassador Muhammad Hegazy ,the advisor to the Minister for International Cooperation, Mrs. Dawlat Sharawi, Director of the Population and Development Program at the United Nations Population Fund, and Dr. Fatma Zahraa Gil, Director of the Acceleration Project.

The workshop concluded with a set of recommendations, the most important of which is continuing to activate the role of youth in decision-making and cooperation between the population units team and directorates concerned with population activities.

The workshop was attended by 30 participants from the five governorates and trained and presented lectures by the project director and a group of experts and consultants specializing in social sciences and other.

During the coming period, a workshop will be organized for five other governorates within the scope of the project, which comes within the framework of the mandates of the Ministry of Local Development regarding the population issue in cooperation with several ministries and in coordination with the National Population Council.


Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh