Minister of Local Development meets the governor of Cairo

12 مايو 2020

General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, held a meeting with major general Khalid Abdel Aal, governor of Cairo, in the presence of engineer Ibrahim saber, deputy governor of the eastern region, and major general Mohamed Hanafi, general secretary  of the governorate, and a number of the leadership of the ministry.
During the meeting, they discussed the last  updates of the implementation of the President's directives on certain ongoing projects in the governorate, in addition to assignments given by the prime minister to deal with construction irregularities.
General Mahmoud Sharawi pointed out that it is important that the various governorate agencies continue to follow up daily to monitor and deal with all construction irregularities during the curfew with utmost rigor and firmness, and to immediately remove any violations detected in the beginning  and take the necessary legal action.
The minister of local development also stressed the importance of prompt implementation of the decision of the prime minister to suspend, for a period of six months, the issuance by the governorate of Cairo of new building permits or directives for residential buildings in certain residential areas In particular, there is a high population density to relieve pressure on the country's public services and to accommodate roads in every parking area, especially in the new areas of Mesr el Gededa  and Nasr city.
Sharawi pointed out that it was important to warn new property owners who have received building permits in all governorates that the Egyptian construction code should be updated with regard to parking cars and the presence of parking garages under the properties. And it is important to The government to continue to monitor the implementation of this policy, not to deliver non-compliant real estate facilities and to take legal action against those who have turned these trucks into commercial premises and caused traffic jams in the streets.
The minister of local development has requested the preparation of an inventory of new properties for which licenses have been issued or other roles attached in order to follow up parking garages.
The minister of local development has directed to rapidly complete the upgrading of some roads in the governorate of Cairo leading to the Mustarad area and to coordinate with the Qalubia governorate in this regard.
General Mahmoud Sharawi directed , in coordination with sports clubs, to provide accommodation inside them  to accommodate clients' vehicles. The minister stressed the need to take into account the time and speed of execution of the required assignments in respect of this important file and to complete it during the current period and  take advantage of the decisions taken to reduce the number of citizens on the streets, state interests, curfews, closure of sports clubs, parking lots and outdoor developments.
The meeting also discussed  the monitoring of the President's mandates with regard to the need to paint all facades of real estate in all governorate neighborhoods and to take the necessary measures to do that.
General Mahmoud Sharawi stressed that landlords who had not painted the facades should be given 15 days to communicate with the owners' associations to expedite the painting of the four facades of the buildings, to cut off facilities from non-compliant properties and to deliver no new properties that had not been complied with the decisions .

Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh