Program for leadership positions candidates

19 يناير 2020

Follow-up to the implementation of the certification programme for candidates for leadership positions, January 18, 2020.

The ministry of local development is pursuing the implementation of the second part of the comprehensive programme to qualify candidates for positions of leadership in the local administration system on all subjects and laws relating to the work of municipalities, which began  on 22/12 January 2019 and will continue for 6 weeks.

The programme is part of the implementation of the directives issued by general Mahmoud sharawi, minister of local development, on the need to raise the level of candidates for leadership positions in the localities in order to develop them in a scientific manner, achieve state and political leadership directions , and implement the Egypt 2030 vision.

General Mahmoud sharawi noted that the three-week training theory had been completed at the local development Centre in Saqqara and practical training had begun on all aspects of the work of the localities . In coordination with the governorates of Cairo and Giza, the ministry arranges a weekly meeting with the governor, the general secretary and one of the deputy governors. On the first day of each week, the governorate prepares a theoretical training programme in the tasks of the district, centre and city chiefs. The training also includes administrative, financial and technical skills, personnel matters, dealing with deputies and citizens, lighting, planning, work in engineering departments, property, licences, shops, hygiene, occupations, regulation, repair and painting of buildings and informal and industrial areas Investment, technical campaigning, public finance and equipment preservation, among other tasks.

General sha 'rawi explained that the programme will include living with a district chief and spending one day with the district secretary, one day with the district vice President, one day with the director of engineering, one day in finance and the other days as the governor saw it. He noted that an assessment of the leadership would be conducted on the last day of training and that the governors of Cairo and Giza would select those who saw it to support the governorate.

It should be noted that candidates for the training course were one of the applicants for proclamation no. 2 of 2019 to achieve 65 local leadership degrees. The number of applicants who applied for the proclamation reached 1,183. The number of eligible candidates was 1,114. Psychological, behavioural and personal tests and leadership profile analysis were conducted at the leadership training institute of the ministry of planning and administrative reform. The local leadership selection committee, chaired by the minister of local development, interviewed and liquidated candidates to 105. The national youth academy With the establishment of a training programme and the winding up of 75 candidates, the most distinguished will be selected for the required Numbers.


Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed Saleh