Minister Sharawi is visiting the religious complex

15 يناير 2020

Major general Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, Dr. Khaled al-Anani, minister of tourism and antiquities, and major general khalaalAbdel Aal, governor of Cairo, inspected on the going developing work in the surrounded area of the religious complex in ancient Egypt, which includes the church of the virgin Mary in Abu Serga which is one of the important holly family pathways in the governorate of Cairo, in the presence of several leaders of the ministries of local development, tourism and antiquities in Cairo governorate.

General mahmoud sharawi, Dr. Khaled al-Anani, his excellency the anaba Julius, papal procurator and bishop of the churches of the ancient Egypt, manil, gulf and several bishops were greeted and the ministers congratulated anaba, Julius and all the coptic brothers for Christmas.

Minister sharawi and Dr. Anani heard a presentation from the anaba Julius on the work under way in the area around the religious complex. They also made a number of requests to facilitate the movement of visiting tourists, especially in view of the large number of Egyptian arrivals in the recent period, as well as the development of surveillance, firefighting and ventilation systems at the church encircled and the ABU sarga cave, in addition to keeping the streets around the religious complex clean and decorated.

The ministers agreed on the importance of meeting all the demands made by the church in establishing a modern ventilation project for the "cave" at ABU sarga church through a state-of-the-art adaptation system that would not compromise or affect its architectural and archaeological value. The aim is to prepare the space for the increasing number of tourists in the coming period, especially as the holy family is launched and all the infrastructure work is completed at 25 points of the route in 8 governorates.

Al-anba Julius and all bishops in the church thanked general Mahmoud sharawi, the leadership of the ministry and the governor of Cairo for their efforts in the past to overcome all obstacles to projects and work on the path of the holy family in Cairo and some governorates . Julius has also given thanks to the minister of tourism and effects for the efforts made in the provision of funds for certain projects.

During the meeting, reference was made to the development work carried out by the governorate of Cairo, namely the placement of approximately 164 palm trees at the entrance to El Fostat market and Imamine street and in front of the Amr Ben el Ass mosque.

The governorate confirmed that the pedestrian sidewalks were being reconstructed along the internal routes of the compound, from El Khaiala  road to the Amr Ben al Ass mosque, and that some development work was being carried out in the ancient region of Egypt.

For his part, general Sharawi  stressed the importance of adhering to the timetable that had been drawn up to finalize the infrastructure of this important national project, with the political leadership's attention to and follow-up on all developments concerning the project and implementation of the prime minister's mandate to overcome all obstacles to the project.

The anaba Julius gave each of the ministers a copy of the holy family icon, and thanked the ministers for that visit, and said “ thank you for this precious visit for our hearts"

Al-anani noted the importance of community engagement and businessmen collaboration in contributing to ongoing developments around the religious complex.

The minister of tourism and antiquities stressed his concern that the first New Year's visits and trips would be to the points of the Cairo holy family's path, where two days ago he visited the tree of Miriam and the well of Al Mahka in El Matria area of Cairo together with general Mahmoud sharawi. Today, the suspended church, the ABU sarga church in ancient Egypt and the church of the virgin, and expressed his best wishes for a merry Christmas to our Christian brothers, stressing that the holidays always show the human cohesion of the Egyptian people, who live in a monolithic tapestry.

The ministers and the governor of Cairo then went to the church of  virgin Mary in maidi. They were received by the bishop of the church, the secretary of the holy community and several bishops. Sharawi and Ananni congratulated the nabi brothers coptic on their new Christmas. They also checked the development work of the church as well as measures for anchorage, service points for tourists and the resurfacing of the streets surrounding the church.

At the conclusion of the tour, general sharawi and Dr. Anani agreed to continue to visit the other governorates of the path of the holy family in order to overcome all obstacles to the work to be done.


Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed Saleh