Minister of local development received Vietnamese delegation

23 ديسمبر 2019

Major general ' Mahmoud Sharawi ' minister of local development received Mr/ Pham Minh Sheen , member of Vietnamese communist party ,A head of a high level delegation of 10 governors ,in the presence of the Vietnam ambassador 'Tran Cong 'and many leaders of the ministry of local development in Cairo.
At the beginning of the meeting General Mahmoud Sharawi affirmed his interest in developing the cooperation in the ministry fields of work with the Vietnamese during the coming period and benefiting from the successful Vietnamese experience to push the local economic process and development in Egyptians governorates, particularly the construction of the industrial zones, paying attention to small and medium sized enterprises (smes) and transfer technology to global companies.
Minister Sharawi praised the great economical and developmental progress that Vietnam has achieved during upgrading experience which they started in the last century, and it's considered as a model for developing countries.
They also discussed the cooperation opportunities between the two countries in various number of fields on the head of them the decentralization experience and creating jobs and rehabilitation training for local cadres through the positive progress on relations between Egypt and Vietnam and reciprocal visits by the two heads of the states.
The minister stressed the importance of improning the relations between the two countries particularly in the field of local administration, exchanging the outstanding experiences offering the noticeable investment opportunities in Egyptian governorates to cooperate and benefit from the Vietnam's experience. Particularly in the fields of fish farming and agro-green houses.
The minister referred that they discussed the activation of the brotherly agreement between Luxor governorate and one of the Vietnamese cities, confirmed the readiness of the ministry to provide all sorts of support for further cooperation between the two sides in the coming period and signing a brotherly agreement between Egyptian governorates and cities and their counterpart in Vietnam especially Cairo and Hanoi.
The minister of local development showed the great efforts of President' Abd El Fatah EL Sisi' to empower the young people and women to achieve progress in the comprehensive local process and to pump new blood in the governorates to manage the current challenges .The minister referred the political leadership interest in files of health, education and sustainable development during this period, noted that the ministry coordinates between governors and ministers.
They also discussed the collaboration between the two sides supporting the presence of Vietnam in the African continent in the frame of Egypt's presidency of the African Union for 2019 as well as in supporting the Vietnamese side to enhance the cooperation between Egypt and the countries of South and East Asia, particularly after signing the agreement.
 The head of the Vietnamese delegation noted his country's aspiration to promote joint investments between the two sides in all economic fields, especially with the Vietnamese experiences in the application of new science and technology, environmental friendly activities, fisheries development, rice cultivation, communications and information technology, renewable energy and small and medium sized enterprises.
The Vietnamese official stressed that his country took a special interest to enhance the relationship with Egypt, especially since Egypt enjoyed the respect and love of people in Vietnam and intimately connected to human civilization and culture.
The Vietnamese ambassador confirmed the depth of the Egyptian-Vietnamese relations at all levels, stating that they have a history of over 55 years, and the volume of the trade exchanges stood at 471 million dollars at the end of 2018 , and he looked forward to the need to strengthen trade relations and open the Vietnamese markets to Egyptian exports.                    


Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed Saleh