Provision of training workshops for Africans

17 فبراير 2019

In accordance with Egypt leadership to the African Union this year which President El-Sisi is to take over this Sunday, Minister Mahmoud Sharawy confirmed that the ministry is keen to provide training workshops for Africans in the field of local development. He said that these workshops can take place at the local development training center in Sakkara and in cooperation with Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development. He also added that the training will be held by specialized trainers in different fields such as; decentralization, local development, rural development, urban planning along with city development that includes infrastructure, sewage, and water treatment.


Minister Sharawy emphasized on the ministry’s interest in reinforcing the cooperation with the African countries in the area of localities this year and said that these efforts started last November by his participation in the 8th summit for United Cities and Local Governments of Africa (UCLG) in Morocco along with three governors. During this visit, Minister Sharawy has held multiple meetings and exchanged experience with other African countries.


The 8th UCLG summit did not only included choosing a new presidency for UCLG organization, the executive board, the African board and the elected woman network for the period (2018-2021) but also, Egypt were selected along with Mauritania and Morocco as representatives for North Africa in the executive board. Hence, Minister Sharawy used this chance to invite the new UCLG executive board to held their coming meeting in Cairo that will be in accordance with the opening of the North Africa office for UCLG in Cairo.


Further, governor of Cairo, General Khaled Abd El-Aal and governor of Qaliobia, Dr. Alaa Abd El-Halim were selected as representatives for North Africa among the 9 seats specified for this region. This is beside electing governor of Damietta, Dr. Manal Awad as a member of the local women network as part of the 9 seats specialized for North Africa. Minister Sharawy said that this is an indication for UCLG confidence in Egypt’s capacities in reinforcing the development of cities and localities. He also said that the ministry is studying the possibility of conducting the first conference for all local development ministers in Africa this year in accordance with the opening of UCLG North Africa office in Cairo.


Minister Sharawy emphasized that the ministry aims this year to reinforce the strategic relation with some African countries such as; Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Sudan and Kenya and to participate in the joint committees with these countries to sign memorandums of understanding in the field of localities. Also, the ministry will cooperate with the ministry of foreign affairs to participate in the conferences and events related to the field of local development. This is beside cooperating with the concerned ministries to follow President El-Sisi direction in declaring ‘Aswan as the capital for African youth for 2019’ as a prelude to the launch of Arab-African youth forum next March.