the first guide for governmental services in Qena

12 فبراير 2019

As part of the ministry of local development’s efforts in improving the quality of public services and under the umbrella of local development in Upper Egypt program, Qena has launched the first guide for governmental services that is offered by the local agencies and concerned with issues related to building and construction.

Minister Mahmoud Sharawy said that the purpose of the guide is to have a control over the process of releasing a ‘building license’ and to ensure its easiness and transparency which will limit the rate of corruption and will raise citizens’ satisfaction with governmental services. He also added that the guide will reduce the time required for the service by 25%.

Minister Sharawy appraised the efforts of the coordinating team of local development in Upper Egypt program, the local executive team, MOPMAR and World Bank in coordinating with the different involved governmental agencies, reviewing the required procedures, and forming support groups till they reached to the current form of the guide.

Minister Sharawy added that the guide comes in accordance with President El-Sisi direction and the government’s plan to ease the procedures of receiving any governmental service which will ensure transparency and limits rate of corruption on one hand and will ensure citizens’ satisfaction with the public services on the other hand.

Minister Sharawy asserted that ‘local development in Upper Egypt’ program does not aim only to improve the infrastructure and achieve economic development in Sohag and Qena but also, upgrade the administrative system and improve the quality of public services which cannot take place without reviewing the procedures of providing these services and making it much easier in a way that will minimize the time consumed and achieve transparency and good governance.

Worth mentioning, the program of ‘local development in Upper Egypt’ is partially funded by a loan from the World Bank equivalent to 500 million dollars and by a fund from the Egyptian government equivalent to 457 million dollars. It comes in accordance with the government’s plan to support comprehensive local and socio-economic development in Upper Egypt in a way yhay would improve the quality of public services, reinforce sustainable economic development, and confront poverty in the governorates that have been marginalized for years as Upper Egypt. Indeed, the program aims to raise the local capacities and improve local resources in Qena and Sohag by: improving the working environment to attract the private sector and raise the competitiveness of each governorate, and raising the capacities of local administrations in order to provide well infrastructure and raise the quality of public services.