Public Administration Reform and Local Development

EU-Egypt cooperation: The Project, implemented by VNG International from The ‎Netherlands in partnership with ENA (Ecole Nationale ‎d’Administration) from France, and funded by the European ‎Union, is to support the Government of Egypt (GoE) in its efforts ‎to develop and apply good governance principles. This should be ‎reflected in improved services to the Egyptian citizens, as well as ‎deepened citizens’ engagement at the local levels. This will be ‎achieved by a focus on improving the performance of public ‎services, by strengthening the institutions and capacities of civil ‎servants and by providing operational supporting methods and ‎systems.

‎ Partners in implementation:

The Projects’ main partners are the Ministry of Planning ‎Monitoring and Administrative Reform and the Ministry of Local ‎Development. The Governorates of Ismailia, El Minya and ‎Monofeya are the implementation pilots to try out the Project´s ‎new methodologies and instruments before rolling these out over ‎Egypt. ‎