Future leaders in local administration

In order to achieve the human development of those interested in joining the initiative to participate in local development in the provinces:

  1. The Ministry of Local Development will rehabilitate young people through a competition for a training grant at the governorate level for the best elements and then include them in intensive training programs in Sakkara center on local administration and local development in all its tracks in order to be able to tender through the local people's councils in the coming stage.
  2. The distinguished elements in the intensive courses are enrolled in an accredited Diploma in Public Administration (Local) organized by the Center with a specialized educational institution at a stimulating rate. The diploma is one of the requirements of joining the local administration units and to occupy the leading positions in the governorates.

Conditions for applying for the competition:

  1. The age ranges from 25-40 years.
  2. To be a qualified person.
  3. To have a role in community participation at the village / city / governorate level.
  4. Pass the qualifying tests set up by the Sakkara Center for Local Development.
  5. Pass the personal interview with the selection committee.
  6. Progress through the Ministry's website at info@mld.gov.eg