Environmental Improvement and Public Health Program

An amount of 13 billion pounds was spent for the program of cleaning, beautifying and covering waterways in villages and cities with the aim of preserving the public health of citizens. The works included the purchase of 450 new cleaning equipment, maintenance of 3,809 old equipment, raising 150 million tons of accumulations and covering about 15 km of waterways (canals and drains) within the block Housing and beautifying the entrance to 70 cities, neighborhoods and 450 villages, benefiting about 7 million citizens.
An amount of 350 million pounds was spent to start developing and raising the efficiency of government slaughterhouses in the governorates for 147 slaughterhouses in three phases. Safe health products, maximizing the added value, increasing governorates' resources and employment opportunities.
Coordination has been made with the governorates, the Ministry of Environment and the Industrial Development Authority to reconcile the environmental conditions of the current charcoal cameras, to comply with environmental requirements. The charcoal that has been developed and its environmental conditions reconciled, and 2,000 composters, and it is planned to develop 3,500 charcoal composters during the next phase, and remove and close about 1,500 pellets whose environmental conditions will not be reconciled.
A permanent committee has been formed from the ministries (Local Development - Environment - Trade and Industry) to follow up on the implementation of measures to reduce the potential for serious environmental damage and to follow up on the health effects on humans. Towards codifying its environmental conditions and its commitment to the laws and regulations regulating this matter, and ensuring the existence and operation of an industrial wastewater treatment plant to carry out the treatment process before discharging into the sewage network in order to avoid damaging the sewage plant membranes.
Coordination has been made with the governorates and the ministries (environment - agriculture - interior) regarding confronting episodes of severe air pollution (black cloud) during the period from 8/15/11 of each year, and the governorates did the following:
Preventing rice straw burning process.
Formation of working groups for traffic and sudden inspection of facilities polluting the environment.
Close open dumps and control them.
Formation of an operations room in each local unit for field follow-up.
Awareness of citizens through these committees to activate pressing rice straw and use it as animal feed.
Coordination has been made with the Ministry of Environment and the governorates to re-demarcate the borders of the natural reserves with vast areas, which number 34, issued to them by republican decrees to maximize their investment and development in accordance with the requirements of national security and the vision of the governorates.
In light of the directives of the President of the Republic, the necessity of preserving the civilized form and public taste, the governorates were instructed not to enter any facilities for any residential buildings or facilities whose facades are made of red bricks and the external finishing is incomplete, until the facades are finished, as the facades of 37,000 buildings have been painted.