Local development program in Upper Egypt in (Qena - Sohag)

This program comes in implementation of the directives of the President of the Republic regarding support for comprehensive development in the governorates of Upper Egypt, to be more attractive to investment, work to enhance competitive advantage, create a business environment and climate for investors and improve the level of services provided to citizens in various sectors by enhancing the effectiveness and empowerment of local administration, and improving the structure Infrastructure and local economic development, partially financed by a loan from the World Bank worth $500 million and a contribution from the Egyptian government worth $457 million. The following are the most important projects of this program:
The number of projects financed by the local component and loan allocations during the first phase until 2019/2020, with a total cost of LE 5.8 billion.
2575 projects in the sectors of drinking water, sewage, roads, transportation, canal coverage, strengthening local units, economic development and improving the environment.
1796 projects have been completed and 779 projects are being implemented.
Preparation for the implementation of 4 industrial zones in the two governorates, starting from the fiscal year 2020/2021, at a total cost of EGP 6 billion.
The program provided 82 thousand job opportunities in Sohag and 61 thousand job opportunities in Qena, with a total of 143 thousand job opportunities.
The number of beneficiaries out of a total of 8 million citizens in the two governorates is .25 million.
The project to connect drinking water service to underprivileged areas (Al-Maragha Center), the total number of beneficiaries reached 32 thousand people.
The project to connect drinking water service to disadvantaged areas (Amarna and Balina), the total number of beneficiaries reached 29 thousand people.
A project to complete and rehabilitate the lifting stations and expulsion lines (Awlad Gharib and Al Kawamil).
The project of implementing the Saad Al-Saud water station.
The project of completing and rehabilitating the lifting stations and the ejection lines for the village of Al-Hajarsa.
Implementation of sewage networks for the village of Al-Batakh.
Completion of works project for Al-Gharizat treatment plant - Al-Maragha.
Implementation of sewage networks for the village of Al-Gharizat.
The project of establishing and developing the antiquities area of ​​Al-Hawaweesh cemeteries - Akhmim Sohag.
Treatment and development project for Fever Hospital, Bani Hamil - Al Balina - Sohag.