Collaboration with development partners and international organizations


Entering into a partnership with the European Union, which provided the Ministry with a support of 9 million euros to finance the project to strengthen public administrative and economic governance in Egypt Cooperation with the European Union in conducting courses attended by European experts in the field of solid waste. Experts from the Ministry have been sent to Scotland and to Bratislava as part of the TAIEX cooperation programme with the European Union, which provides for courses, missions and recruitment of experts in the fields required by the Ministry.
The European Union has provided a €8 million grant to support the Kitchener Drain Improvement and Sanitation Project for which the Solid Waste Management component is overseen by the Ministry of Local Development on the solid waste management component, in which it shares with the Ministries of Irrigation and Water Resources, Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, with a funding of (79 million U.S. With financing of (79 million euros) as a loan to finance this component, provided by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
The project, after completing all its constitutional procedures, is about to start, in the next few months, cooperation with China: Where training missions were sent from local development cadres and the governorates, with 20 trainees in the field of management of industrial and investment zones in the governorates. The Ministry also sent a number of its leaders to participate in three high-level ministerial workshops dealing with regional planning, water resources, development and rural energy during the months of October and November.
Cooperation with India: The Ministry has taken several training courses under the Indian International Training Program ITEC with a focus on Indian computer and information technology courses. A delegation from the Ministry's legal sector also participated in a course at the India International Institute of Democracy in November 2019 in New Delhi to study the case of local elections in India. 
It has been agreed to prepare three courses to train Ministry and provincial cadres on local elections, their management and the techniques which are used