start of the new hygiene system in Cairo neighborhoods

9 Sep 2021

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister of Local Development, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, and Major General Khaled Abdel Aal, Governor of Cairo, inspected today, Tuesday, the preparations and equipment of cleaning and waste collection companies in Cairo, as a prelude to the start of the operation of contracts for the waste system in the capital through the companies "Ertkaa" integrated services and waste recycling and "Inferomaster" for environmental services and waste recycling to carry out collection and transportation services for garbage, street hygiene, public utilities, recycling, treatment and safe sanitary dumping of waste in the eastern and western regions, as well as Preparations and equipment of the Cairo Hygiene and Beauty Authority in the northern and southern districts.

Preparations included the inspection of equipment, cars, mechanical vacuum cleaners, presses and machines as a prelude to the entry into force of the contracts signed between the two companies and the governorate and the Cairo Hygiene Authority and the start of the implementation of the wastes system in a number of districts in the eastern and western regions. The Hygiene authority is required to carry out garbage collection activities in the northern and southern districts in order to improve hygiene and satisfy citizens.

General Mahmoud Shaarawi, for his part, announced the start of the operations of the companies "Infiromaster" and "Ertkaa" in the neighborhoods of the east and west, and the Cairo Hygiene Authority in the north and south, in accorsing to the work plans that drawn up in the previous period for the capital.

The Minister of Local Development called on the citizens to cooperate with the new national companies and the clean-up authority and not to throw garbage in the street, especially with the return of the residential collection of waste.

The Minister said that since the presidential mandate for the development of the cleaning system was issued, work has been done to develop the infrastructure for the cleaning system, including landfills, intermediate stationary or mobile stations and waste treatment plants, pointing out that the new system is fully integrated, since it was carried out after a study involving all relevant ministries and the universities as well.

Translated by :Hanaa Saleh