Soatak masmoaa initiative annual report

26 Jan 2021


In the context of the implementation of the directives of the President of the Republic to open channels for communication with citizens in all governorates of the Republic, to hear and quickly resolve their complaints and problems, to improve the level of services provided to them, to alleviate the suffering of citizens and to develop the complaints system.

The "Your voice is heard" initiative was launched by the Ministry of Local Development in October 2018 under the auspices of the Prime Minister is one of the most important files that Major General Mahmoud Sharawi, Minister of Local Development, is keenly following up daily and follows up on its reports continuously due to its difference from any previous mechanism to receive complaints from citizens, because of its reliance on the simplest and most unconventional ways to receive complaints through social media, especially Facebook and WATSAP, to make it easier for citizens to respond quickly to their complaints.

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi said the results of the report he received on the initiative's work indicated that it had received about 160.6 thousand letters, including 26.4 thousand complaints and 25.6 thousand complaints have been answered 95% of them being resolved and 1,292 complaints are being resolved.

The Minister of Local Development stressed that the initiative operates through several communication channels, making it easier for citizens to report their complaints in a manner convenient to them and to ensure a prompt response. Pointing out that the WhatsApp service received about 135.5 thousand messages during the year 2020, of which 19 thousand 830 complaints were resolved 19 thousand and 307 complaints were resolved by 97.4%, and 523 complaints are being resolved, and the initiative email received 320 complaints resolved by 89%. As for the initiative page on "Facebook”, In which more than 44,000 people follow Ford, 6,288 complaints were resolved 88%, and the hotline received 2,751 phone calls from citizens to enquiries about complaints that come to the initiative, including 30 proposals, and were examined with ministry and provincial officials.

Major General Mahmoud Sharawi explained that since its launch, the initiative has been supported by all mechanisms that enable it to quickly implement its goals and perform its work fully in a way that fulfillment the satisfaction of citizens and help them in responding to their complaints, noting that the initiative is a continuation of the development of the complaints system and the service of citizens existing in the Ministry.

"Sharawi" added that the initiative had an important and concrete role during the year 2020 in following up the implementation of the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Local Development regarding the implementation of precautionary and preventive measures to confront the Corona virus, including closing beaches and restaurants, and resolutely countering "chisha" in cafes, As your "voice is heard" also followed the implementation of the decision on new dates for the closure of shops, workshops, cafes and cafes, the initiative also received complaints from citizens and reports of construction violations and infringements of state property and the rapid movement towards these complaints in light of the government's efforts to recover the state's lands.

It is worth noting that the initiative "Your voice is heard" is communicated by the "WatsUp" number (01150606783) and the hotline number (15330) and the official newspaper of the initiative on the social networking site "Facebook

Translated by : Hanaa Saleh