Sharawi: Government seeks to improve the lives of citizens

23 Nov 2020

General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, stressed that community responsibility is the comprehensive framework within which we can maximize the efforts of all actors and participate in implementing a package of integrated interventions that can take Egypt to the future we all want.

This was during his statement today at the tenth annual meeting of Egypt's social responsibility and sustainable development, which was delivered on his behalf by Dr. Walaa  Gad al-Karim, director of the central unit of the "Hayat Kareema " initiative.

Sharawi emphasized that the forum converge with the state's direction to promote community responsibility as one of the main pillars of sustainable development, and supports President Abdul Fattah el-sisi and the government's approach to institutional reform focused on citizens through continuous and sustainable improvement of living conditions, reconstruction of the Egyptian people and strengthening of partnership between government, the private sector and civil society.

The minister of local development said that only through concerted efforts by all actors, whether in government, the private sector or civil society, in a comprehensive framework of community responsibility and genuine partnership for sustainable development, could such ambitious government programmes.

General Mahmoud Sharawi added that all these radical reform trends are melting together in Egypt's sustainable development vision, which aspires to be one of the top 30 countries in the world in terms of indicators of economic development, the fight against corruption and quality of life.

Sharawi explained that in the context of this vision, the ministry of local development and local administration mechanisms are leading a number of ambitious development programmes and projects that are in line with the constitutional and legal jurisdiction of the ministry, which is responsible for coordinating central efforts and supporting provinces to achieve sustainable and balanced local development. The ministry oversees the President's initiative to develop the most needy rural communities with a "Hayat Kareema ", which is aimed at the comprehensive development of 1,000 rural communities with a poverty rate of over 55% and a population of 12.5 million citizens. This is done through a large number of coordinated projects and interventions, the financing and implementation of which are contributed by government institutions, civil society and the private sector.

Sharawi also said that the ministry of local development oversees the local development programme in the governorates of Egypt, which is an inspiring example of programmes to build an integrated model of development in the governorates and is being implemented in cooperation with the government of Egypt and the world bank, with a total investment of up to 16 billion Egyptian pounds during its initial phase in Suhag and Quena

The minister of local development said that the ministry is working to develop and continuously upgrade the capacities of local officials, is adopting an ambitious plan for capacity-building, institutional development and restructuring of its training centers, and is transforming the local development training center in Sakara into an effective academy for the graduation of local leaders and cadres. That contribute to sustainable local economic development, The ministry also makes significant investments in local development programmes including local roads, public lighting, waste management, security, fire and support to local units. The ministry is working on the continuous development of local development programmes to ensure their continuous integration with government investments in other sectors in the governorates.

Translated by : Hanaa Saleh