increasing preparation for the rainy season

24 Sep 2020

General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, instructed the governors to raise their readiness and take all necessary measures to counter the dangers of the heavy rains and floods that are occurring in some governorates.

General Sharawi demanded that the governorates should coordinate with the forecasting centre of the water resources research institute, the meteorological authority and the irrigation ministry to form committees to verify the availability of relief missions, in coordination with the social solidarity directorate, the Egyptian red crescent, civil society organizations, civil society organizations and civil society organizations and the competent authorities in the governorates

The minister stressed the need to set up trained working groups to deal with flood threats, to determine where flood threats are located and where the equipment and machinery used are located, and to prepare a contact guide for all stakeholders and task forces formed.

General Mahmoud Sharawi also directed that committees should be formed and a timetable prepared, in coordination with the relevant authorities (drainage, drinking water and irrigation directorates), for the work of flood protection to be prepared and cleaned up before the start of the runoff season. as large quantities of accumulations have been leaked into the sewage system, and the technical viability and working of the water collection equipment and vehicles should be reviewed.

The minister of local development also demanded that citizens in the governorates be made aware of the methods to deal with flood hazards and the measures to be taken in the event of an emergency. He points out that committees from the ministry of local development will be formed to pass through the governorates to ensure that they are ready for the rainy season.


Translated by : Hanaa Mohamed Saleh