Sharawi is pursuing the governors efforts against Covid- 19

30 Mar 2020

As part of the monitoring by the ministry of local development of the precautionary and preventive measures taken and the decisions taken by the prime minister in pursuance of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi's mandate to combat the spread of  coronavirus .

The minister of local development, major-general Mahmoud Sharawi, is following up along with his governors, continues throughout the day to implement the prime minister's decisions on curfew for all citizens that began last Wednesday evening from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. or close shops, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, and stop public and private transport during times declared by the council of ministers, and that this decision does not apply to bakeries, supermarkets, grocery stores, food and pharmacies.

General Mahmoud Sharawi has made a number of contacts with the governors to monitor the continuation of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus In particular, the clean-up of all places of assembly, public communication, stations and governorate buildings and outbuildings, local units, city councils and neighborhoods, and the intensification of market supply campaigns to prevent exploitation, control markets and prices and take legal action against offenders.

The minister of local development stressed the importance of governorate  continuing to raise awareness among citizens and workers in local administration of the risks of coronavirus and to implement the prime minister's directives to reduce assemblies and reduce the number of workers.

Sharawi referred to the ministry's follow-up to the implementation of the prime minister's directives at the meeting of the board of governors held on Thursday with video-conferencing, foremost of which was the availability of strategic goods for citizens, and  not to halt  the movement of ports and vehicles carrying medicines, medical supplies, foodstuffs, vegetables, fruit and other items involved in important industrial activities .

General Mahmoud Sharawi also called for continued coordination between governors and security administrators to enable groups to move within the declared time limits  especially local leaders or service providers, cleaning companies, rapid intervention teams and road paving personnel to monitor daily accumulations of garbage in villages, towns and neighborhoods in the governorates.

The minister of local development praised the efforts made by governors, deputy governors and all local administration leaders during this important period in the country, which requires all compatriots to come together to confront the coronavirus.

Translated by: Hanaa Mohamed Saleh