Sharawi is visiting the industrial Zone of Wadi Al Natrun  

3 Feb 2020

The political leadership has instructed  to pay attention to industrial zones in the governorates in order to create jobs and boost investment. On Thursday, general Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, visited the industrial area in Wadi el Natrun  and visited a number of factories and the Beit El Wadi  resort.

General Hisham Amna, governor of Al Behaira , Dr. Nahal belbaa, deputy governor of Al Behaira , and a number of executive and popular leaders from the governorate, participated in the inspection.

General Mahmoud Sharawi listened to general Hisham Amna explanation  about the Wadi el Natrun industrial area, which is constructed on 500 acres  and includes  303 projects other than those in progress.

The minister of local development and the governor of Al Behaira  visited the Best fluorine flour mill of 72%, including pasta factory which is  10,000 meter-wide and  provides 200 jobs. And  Zaytona factory for producing olive oil  which is 6,000 meters in size and provides 150 jobs. They also inspected Sky Try's olive pickle factory  which is 10,000 meters wide and provides 120 jobs.

They also inspected ( Abji )petrochemical factory , which covers an area of 42,000 square metres, provides 600 jobs with investments of 1 billion Egyptian pounds, produces 600 tons per year, and covers the needs of the local market, with a surplus of 60% for export.

General Hisham Amna, governor of Al Behaira , also reviewed promising possibilities for investing in the governorate and the efforts to speed up investment. He pointed out that the governorate  has the potential to be  industrial as well as agricultural governorate .

Minister Sharawi and the governor of Al Behaira visited  Beit El Wadi resort,in  the center and the  city of wadi el Natrun, which was paved and expanded on 130 acres of land 1. 2 km at a cost of two million and 200,000 pounds.