Painting over 34,000 governorate buildings

2 Feb 2020

On the instructions of the President of the republic, And the decision of the board of governors, headed by Dr. Mustafa Madpoli, prime minister... General Mahmoud Sharawi, minister of local development, reviewed a report on the status of painting work on the facades of buildings in the governorates. He indicated that the governorates had completed the painting of more than 34,000 buildings, following instructions from the President of the republic on the need to preserve the urban appearance and general taste of all buildings in the governorate's cities and capitals.

General Mahmoud Sharawi pointed out that the governorates continued to work on the completion of the painting of the facades of the buildings, stressing that there would be no facilities for the apartment buildings or facilities with incomplete external finishing In accordance with the standard building code, the colours of the buildings in the city or neighborhood are to be adhered to.

The minister explained that the governorates had been charged with listing buildings that had not yet been finished, and residents were urged to write down the buildings, giving them a time limit for implementation And In the event of non-compliance, facilities will be phased out pending compliance. General Sharawi added that the report reviewed showed that the governorate of Luxor painted 5613 buildings, 3673 buildings in Quena , 2599 buildings in Bani suif , 2145 buildings in Al Sharquia ,  2092 buildings in Al Gharbia , 1471 buildings in Giza  and  1308 buildings in Cairo. It should be pointed out that the governorates determine the color appropriates to their nature in order to preserve the cultural appearance of the governorate, in coordination with universities, and to preserve the visual and aesthetic image of the governorate.


Translated by: Hanaa Mohammed Saleh